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Just another addiction - TBL challenge, week 1, day 5

Anyone else getting the shakes when staying off the scale for more than 24 hours??

I didn’t get a chance to update my TBL challenge chart, but last night is going to be marked as my ‘rest’ day. It was not a ‘do nothing’ night by any means, but I started a project, and didn’t finish until late (like after 9:00 p.m.) so I decided to finish up and sit and finally watch this past weeks episode of TBL. I DVR’d it, so I got to enjoy it in peace last night

So, Sunday will not be my rest day. I will be one workout off from you girls, Jenn and Elizabeth, until Sunday, then we will all be back on the same page again

The project I was doing last night was working on the girls bedrooms. They have separate bedrooms. Right next to each other. Well for the past week and a half, Abbie has wanted her mattress in Megan’s room so they can ‘camp’ together. So Abbie was sleeping on her mattress on the floor right next to Meggie’s bed and Meggie was in her bed. So Clint and I started talking about it and mentioned to them that if they wanted to put their beds in the same bedroom and have the other bedroom be a play room, we could do that. Abbie wasn’t too crazy about it at first, she was worried they wouldn’t know whose toys were whose, or that she couldn’t still get private time in her room to play, but we sorted it all out and they wanted to do it. So last night for over 4-1/2 hours, I did this. By. Myself. All the toys that were in Abbie’s room were moved to Meggie’s bedroom, Meggie’s bed and dresser were brought into Abbie’s room. So I still have some organizing to do in the new toy room, but for the most part it’s done and they loved it last night. They must have laid in there in their beds last night for 15 minutes talking and giggling. Sweet sound.

So tonight I need to finish up organizing, but I will definitely have time for my workout. So last night wasn’t a lost cause for exercise when I was moving furniture and toys and vacuuming and all that.

I am so proud of myself this week. The workouts and eating and everything have been amazing. I just feel so great. I can’t get over myself. If I didn’t have Jenn & Elizabeth doing the 6-week thing with me I definitely think I would be done for…so thank you ladies!!! Karen ~ The only thing you need for doing the TBL DVD is small hand weights. I have a mat I use for floor exercises, but it’s not a necessity. And even the weights aren’t..you could use some bottles of water or soup cans if you wanted. There’s no equipment needed. It’s all lunges and jumping jacks and lunges, and cruches, and lunges, and LuNgEs, and LUNGES…your butt will hate you. But it’s so worth it.

The nutritionist for The Biggest Loser was on the Today show Wednesday morning and said something that I loved hearing. You always hear that 1-2 lbs. of weight loss per week is where you should be. The healthy amount. He said on there that when you are eating properly, and really working out as they do on the show, 1 lb. a DAY of weight loss is not a bad thing. If it were more than 1 lb. per day, he would say ease up a bit. I thought that was great. Especially when you are 100 lbs. ore more overweight as I was when I started this, you KNOW you can lose more than that so easily when you first start out doing this. And truthfully, how long are the huge losses like that going to last??? So have at it people!!!!

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karen Says:

thank-you lisa!! I am so proud of you- going without the scale to- tt can be very hard!! I always think of you when I get the biggest loser song stuck in my head- you are really doing something to make your self proud today!! great job!! karen

Elizabeth Says:

OMG 1lb a day? That would be soooooo nice. I’ve thought about buying TBL book and looking at the diet plans. Though, I heard it can be VERY restrictive. Like 6 strawberries for breakfast or something like that. I eat 4 small meals a day. I would starve. Have you seen the diet plan at all?

Girl, you are doing so great! I am so proud of you! Jason has to kick my butt into gear most mornings (except today, I got to be the slave driver)! The fact that you are so dedicated, you keep with it… You should be extremely proud of yourself! You DON’T NEED the scale Not until Monday. The scale doesn’t exist. There is no scale.


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