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Not a real exciting day, so I’ll leave you with this…

I updated my Challenge page for todays exercise/workout. I kicked ass boo-tay (for Jenn) today. I did my TBL workout as soon as I got home (40 minutes), then I went for a 2 mile walk OUTSIDE…so nice (33 minutes), AND I did 30 minutes on Lippy. I earned a smooth 12 activity points

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By Lisa
On 01.10.06
At 6:48 pm
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Jenn K Says:

You are very into using ‘ass’ these days!! hehehehe

You did GREAT today ~ I’m very proud of you! My back muscles are hurting a bit right now, a good hurt though. What size weights did you use today with the workout? I only have 3 pound weights and I’m thinking I want 5 pounders.

Barb Says:

Hey Lisa (and Jenn) ~ GREAT JOB today!!! I give you both the credit for doing this. You have more motivation than I do at the moment. I bought the Leslie Sansone WalkDiet DVD and I’m just getting started. My goal is 45 lbs. to go but I’m want to lose 10 lbs by Feb. 14th. Keep up the wonderful job. You will see so much more results with you and your family the more you go along. You should be proud. ;-)

P.S. Lisa… I know I’m gonna sound like a huge pain. I’ve asked twice already but I don’t know if you saw my request in previous entries. Could you please please please send me your weight loss blinkies to me soon! I would like to use them in my signature on my site. My email is Thanks so much!


Sounds like you wil have a nice little booty at the end of your challenge!!=)) good job lisa- look at how you are influencing your family!! that picture couldnt have been cuter! have a great week- karen

Elizabeth Says:

Way to go, Lisa! And, you’re expected to do the same today Nothing less. Play through the pain… and girl, there is SOME PAIN I can’t even describe in muscles I didn’t know even existed…

I know! I can’t BELIEVE you 2 started this the same day as Jason and me. We just came across this at Walmart and said… hmmmm Let’s try this tonight. When we saw it had a challenge, we accepted immediately! Great minds think alike

Liz (the bad Liz) Says:

I need to check back here and get more inspiration! The things that you write down as so in line with what my brain has been saying.

Take care (I’ll be back).


Jeanne Says:

Hi Lisa. I just started a diet and a weight loss blog and came upon your site. Lovin’ it! Although my blog is still pretty generic right now, you have given me several ideas on what to add to it. I’ll definitely be visiting again.

ashley Says:

WOHOO! Go girl!!
Who or what in the world is Lippy? For the longest time I’ve thought it was one of your children…oops.

Elizabeth Says:

Ooooh pictures before and after the challenge! What a good idea! You can do this! How’s today’s challenge going?

I just realized… lunges are on tomorrow’s workout too huh? Only with weights. AHHHHHH. I had been hoping no more lunges till Friday. What on Earth am I gonna do? I might need to go soak in a hot bath tonight lol.

Cindy Says:

I see on your website you have the points charts for nursing mums as well as for teenagers. Can you send me the points chart for women?


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