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Monkey see, monkey do…

Two posts in one day. One way to tell I’m on track.

Today was an inspirational one for me. The changes I’m making in myself seem to be trickling down the family line in my house. I did my The Biggest Loser (which will be known as TBL from here on out) workout DVD and started with the very first workout, which is described as being a warm-up, then a low-intensity (my ass) 25 minute workout, and then a 10 minute cool down/stretch. (The link above, for ‘Challenges’ is now updated for this along with an explanation of the new challenge I’m doing along with Jenn from Against the Odds (her link is on the right)). They describe the workout as low-intensity. I friggin can’t wait to see what part of my body falls off when I do the high-intensity.

You know when you wear courderoy pants and they have the ’swish swish’ sound? Tonight my ass is making the ‘damn damn damn’ sound with each step I take. I have learned today that there are more ass muscles than I had previously known existed. Just wanted to see how many times I can successfully use ‘ass’ in this post.

So, to explain the Monkey see, Monkey do, title and the trickling in the family…

I did my workout…we made a wonderfully delicious and healthy dinner…shish-ka-bobs on the grill. This was our first attempt at these, and they were un-freakin-believeable:

They had lean stew meat (from our own cows…the dead ones of course…sorry that was bad), potatoes (which I didn’t eat), red peppers, onions, zucchini, and mushrooms. Man were they unbelieveably good.

Then, after dinner I’m cleaning up the dinner dishes and the usual house mess, when I hear Lippy. I had assumed it was Abbie as she loves being on Lippy. Nope. I walk in my room where Lippy lives and there is Clint!!! I was so excited! Of course, he’s skinny and in shape anyways, does like 70 flights of stairs per day (not exaggerating) at his work, but I was just so tickled that he saw me working out earlier and took it upon himself to give it a whirl. He did awesome And can I just tell you that it made me feel even better about my workout on Lippy when the man who is in such great shape got off of her and was soaking wet and couldn’t do the intensity on her as high as I keep it set for myself. Makes me feel like I AM getting in shape

Then we go out to the living room and this is what we find:

How friggin cute is that???? Meggie doing crunches with Nubby (the ball). She’s only 3, mind you, but to see that what I do makes a difference with everyone else in the house has really motivated me.

One thing I absolutely LOVE about TBL DVD is…these are REAL people. They are not skin and bones, they smile when they are having fun, not because they had Botox and their faces are frozen in a smiling position. They don’t have perfect balance. They don’t keep in perfect rhythm with each other. They DO struggle!!!! It was awesome! I feel so intimidated even in my own living room working out with little skinny minnies that do it perfectly with the perfect smile on their perfect face while moving their perfect bodies just perfectly. gag. This DVD is REAL. When I’m burning and can’t take anymore, SO ARE THEY.

I’m telling you, for those of you who talked about Matt being a cry-baby on the show, do this workout. I swear to you, while doing the lunges (Jenn you were SO right) there was a moment where I literally could have just cried. It hurt SO badly and you want to keep going, but your body just won’t let you.

/ end commercial

I just coughed and my tummy cried. I’m gonna hurt tomorrow.

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Elizabeth Says:

Lisa We just bought this DVD yesterday and started last night… Did the workout #3 resistance thing today. Girl, I totally feel for you. I was near tears during those damn lunges too. If Jason hadn’t been there pushing me… REFUSING to let me put my knee down or give up, I would have. But, he was telling me I couldn’t… and he was keeping up with them so damnit, I had to TOO. I can’t let a BOY show me up, can I? ;) lol. I started the 6week challenge yesterday myself… We can do this!


Jenn K Says:

OMG Dinner looks SOOO Yummy!! We are gonna kick booty on this challenge girl… I can feel it!

Liz (the bad Liz) Says:

I hope that the meat is from the dead cows. It’s hard to get live cows on the grill. They keep rolling off.

Dawn Says:

Oh my, I feel your pain! We bought the dvd on Saturday and promptly did workout #1. I didn’t have to wait for the next day to feel the pain. It was immediate. I went to bed sore, but boy did I sleep. LOL.

I love it for all the same reasons that you do. It is refreshing and inspiring.


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