I have to say, even while typing last night’s entry, I was sitting here thinking ‘the scale’s not moving, what I’m doing obviously isn’t working, so what can I dive into in the kitchen???’…

This girl shut down the computer and jumped in bed.

I am still in ’stunned’ mode this morning. That would have usually been the perfect opportunity to just blow it, then waking up to see the scale up even more and then eating because of THAT…the nasty spiral downward would have happened.

Again this morning, the scale has not budged. I am still at 249. Thing is, it’s not getting me down at all. I had my Special K Red Berried and 1/2 cup of milk for breakfast and there is no craving happening. I’m satisfied with that, and don’t feel any need what-so-ever to go and eat. I don’t think I could put into words what progress this is for me. I want to scream like a little girl I’m so excited.

I am going to chalk this up to the ‘P’ word. Plateau. I talked it over with Clint this morning and he said he’s sure that’s what it is. He has seen my eating habits and my exercise commitment daily and he’s even shocked the scale isn’t moving, so it has to be a plateau. I’m not stopping what I’m currently doing. The water I know helps, the working out I know helps, and the points helps. I AM doing everything right…

Thank you Elizabeth and Monica for the comments on the last post also…and to everyone who has commented lately…ya’ll are awesome. Elizabeth - Thanks for always being here for me…you are such an awesome support for me…I just love it!!! Monica, I LOVE your site…I love your spunk Gonna add you to my reads if you don’t mind

We are going to Erie, PA to finish up Christmas shopping today (we go to PA because there’s no sales tax on non-food items…saves a bunch when you’re Christmas shopping ) So I’m really excited…we have a few things for each of the girls and have just a couple more things to pick up, then maybe 2 outfits for each of them and stocking stuffers. We aren’t going all overboard this year at all..we have done really well so far and gotten all the major things on their list and kept the money at a minimum…we’re good hahaha…shopping online with free shipping and Black Friday prices online have all helped in a major way

Have a great HEALTHY Saturday!!!