NeVeR…trust a small metal box that screams nasty numbers.

Reason for late weigh in: Flu. F-L-FREAKIN-U…I was so sick Sunday and Monday with the flu that I went from 4:30 p.m. on Sunday until 8:00 p.m. Monday without eating and ‘getting rid’ of anything that was in my stomach before that. So Monday I didn’t even fathom weighing in seeing as how I slept until 2:00 p.m. So imagine my SHOCK and plain HORROR when I woke up Tuesday morning to see 256 on the scale!!!! How the HELL can I have a gain that big after not ingesting (or maintaining ingestion for that matter) food for so long??? So I was livid yesterday. Worked my ass off on Lippy. Ate minimal from icky stomach still…minimal water also.

Yet today, when I woke up, the scale showed me a beautiful 249. That is 7 lbs. gone in ONE friggin day. Can’t tell me it’s fat loss…and I doubt it’s water loss as there was nothing left in me. This one has me thoroughly stumped.

At least that is definitely an official loss from last week’s gain after Thanksgiving and the friggin monthly mess. So I am back to needing just 2 lbs. to lose to hit my 50.

Dang if I don’t get it next Monday. Nothin stopping me.

Lesson learned. The scale LIES. This just proves it. Even though I think I’m addicted, getting on the scale daily keeps me on track…and yet, the difference from yesterday to today just proves how crappy the metal things really are.

*Lesson well-noted*