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Lots ‘o stuff runnin through this head…

Quite a few things to talk about tonight…
1. Meggie’s comment on my before/now pictures
2. New Digital Camera
3. Record workout
4. Biggest FREAKIN Loser Finale

Meggie’s comments on my before/now pictures…I wanted to mention this before and keep forgetting…so here it is. When I posted my before/now picture in the post a few down (scroll down if you haven’t seen them yet), I called the girls in here after Clint saw them and Abbie was all full of compliments and smiles for me…Meggie gets up on my lap and I was telling her that the ‘me’ in the white shirt (before shot) was me before I had her in my tummy and of course the other is the ‘me’ now…and this child argued and argued that the girl in the white shirt was NOT her momma…the ‘now’ picture of me, fine, that is her momma…not the other…she was so determined that she didn’t know that woman and it fer sher wasn’t her momma that it convinced me there truly is a good bit of difference in the pictures…

Christmas came early for me Clint took me out on Friday morning (Black Friday) to Rex TV and Appliance place for a sale they were having on Digital Cameras. He found one that he really wanted me to have and it was $100.00 off on that Friday if we went at the right time. We went, we saw, we oogled the cameras, we bought and now the pictures just keep on comin’ It’s a Sony DCR-DVD92. This thing is a digital camera AND and video camera in one I’m a happy girl. and. AND. get this…it burns the pictures and movies DIRECTLY to a mini-dvd that is inserted in the side of the camera. It is the coolest damn thing I have ever seen. The little flip out screen thingee (haven’t learned all the terms quite yet) is a touch screen! I’m having a blast with this thing. Of course it’s my ONLY Christmas present, seeings how we could have probably fed a 3rd world country with the cost of it (not really, but you get my exaggeration of a point).

Inspiration once again from the Biggest Loser. I’ll get to the show in a sec, but I’ll be gosh darned if I didn’t kick some ass on my workout today. Seriously. This is a freakin record for me on Lippy. Within the 2 hour time that I watched the Biggest Loser Finale I did a total of 55:04 minutes, a total of 2.751 miles, and. get this. oh. freakin. gosh. I burned a total of 840.2 calories. I rock.

Ok. So. Biggest Loser. (Warning: winner is announced in the next few words, so if you haven’t seen it, cover your eyes, cuz I’m gonna spoil it)…I was SO excited that Matt won. I know everyone all this season called him a cry baby and whatever…geez even the poor guys ‘good friends’ were asking him if he was gonna be voted the Biggest Loser or Biggest CryBaby…I felt bad for him. There is nothing wrong with showing emotions, man or woman. He is a very sincere guy and it shows. I really did want Suzy to win it all, but I’m very happy Matt won. I couldn’t get over how they all looked. Even the ones that came back that were already voted off. The one that kinda made me laugh was Catherine. You could tell from her face from the second she stepped out onto the stage that she’s harboring some resentment or at the very least, not happy with what she’s lost since the show (which turns out, none)…she had the nastiest look on her face the entire time. Nobody’s fault but her own if you ask me…every single person there worked their butts off. Literally. They all deserved every ounce of loss…they were amazing and so inspiring. Really got me working on Lippy. If they can do it, so can I.

So the glum-ness of the Thanksgiving Holiday gain is now behind me and I’m back to bustin ass

A huge-mongous thank you to every single one of you for your compliments on my pictures and encouragement after my gain. I hear on my site quite often that I inspire you all to do this and stay motivated and on track and seriously, you all do just that for me. I don’t think I would continue if it weren’t for the accountability I get here…so any of you still just sitting around, thinking of starting your own journal, DO IT. It’s the best motivation ever when people you don’t even know are there for you every single day. Good day or not.

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Jenn K Says:


I love Biggest Loser I was so happy with the outcome, everyone totally looked awesome! I wanted Suzy to win also but Matt was great BTW… I’m on hold with ShopNBC.com while I type this - waiting to order my Biggest Loser Workout DVD.. hehehehe

I love the new camera! I need me one of dem!

Ok, well I’m off the phone. Got my Book AND DVD ordered LOL!

Mandy Says:

Hey girl! I’m typing you an email after this The biggest loser was very inspirational to me, too! I wish I could just have the last hour of the show taped to watch when I need a pick-me-up. seeing the B&A’s was great! I’m glad your motivation is back. Mine is, too- I stayed op ALL day yesterday! I rock, too!

kimberly Says:

I loved BL last night. I was rooting for Matt to win and think there is nothing wrong with him crying. If you have to lose that much weight (I do) then you KNOW how it will or could feel. It is like winning a war.

I was so motivated after watching that show that I got up early this morning and walked 1.7 miles in 50 minutes.

Kendra Says:

Hey Lisa! You are such an inspiration. You look great too! I can’t wait until my kids don’t recognize their mommy! Great job!

Sadly I missed the Biggest Loser this season. I wish I saw it. Does it usually repeat?

I had to comment on the video camera! You definitely sold me (and my dh). lol He has been wanting on. It may be next year before we can get one. Christmas funds are slowly running out. *giggle* You must write a review!!!

Samantha Says:

I didn’t even know they were doing the show again.. Will there be another season.. I would love to watch it.. Can anyone tell me what time it was on and station.. I start watching for reruns or something.

Oh Lisa.. Out of the mouths of babes! as my mother always said. You Kick butt girl!

Keep it up.. Huggles Tons!

Nick Says:

Just forget get about thanksgiving and move on. Everyone should have a day off every once in a while.



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