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The. Holidays.

Food. Why the FRIG do we celebrate with FOOD. Is that NOT why I have this journal? Is that not the exact thing that I have been trying to limit and count and avoid with all I have in me?

Then TurkeyDay. Ok. So at the actual Thanksgiving dinner with my family, I truthfully made good choices and small amounts and was not able to eat half of what I had served myself, because after all, I am a mom. All us moms (and dads too I’m sure) know that there is just about NO time in our life when we are able to pee alone, let alone sit down to a wonderful, warm, festive meal and be able to sit through the entire thing until we are satisfied. Nope. I sat down, ‘Mom, I need more milk, please’…I get the milk…’Mom, I have to go potty’…we run to potty…’I'm done, can I go play??’…sure, maybe NOW I can eat…nope, now little sister is also finished, wants to play AND fight with big sister…I leave the room once more, all the while hearing the giggles of the other moms who know EXACTLY what I feel like at this moment. Activity points??? Nah.

We get home, what do I do? Have a nice helping of sweet potatoes, which would be fine, except I made them and I KNOW what is in them. Sugar. Yeah. Baked on top crispy ‘apple crisp’ kind of topping on the sweet potatoes. Later? Piece of pie. Ok, so maybe not as disasterous as some, but not as good as I had hoped for.

Saturday. Thanksgiving Dinner #2. All hell breaks loose. Dude, I totally got to sit through a whole meal/plate full of food. Again not huge helpings of any of it, but I had some of everything, except for white potatoes. I have weaned myself from white potatoes, bread and pasta unknowingly, and no longer even want any of it. Just kinda happened. Anyhow, had pie once again after dinner (only one piece, mind you)…

All in all it definitely could have been worse. What could NOT be worse is the gain on the scale. I never thought that a real, not counted, meal (or two) could create the kind of gain I am seeing at this moment.

I need to refocus. Holiday is over and I have just under 4 weeks (I think) until Christmas now. Plenty of time to start showing losses again. Tomorrow morning is my do-over. Tomorrow and there on out, not a bit of food will be consumed without it first being calculated and journaled. I will not be using points up on my drinks (not alcoholic, but I drank quite a bit of milk over the weekend which is also unlike me). Water water water is all.

You know the drill/routine. I am just going to be starting it all over again tomorrow. I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday weekend

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By Lisa
On 11.27.05
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I think that monday will be alot of peoples do-over days!!! I have my journal all printed out and ready to go and my water poured. boy how I wish I hated mashed tators and gravy!! =))) have a great start over week - karen

kimberly Says:

Hey Lisa. I know that it is tough to have a week in which you gain, but the important thing to remember is that this is a journey and not a sprint.

You have already done so well and have the pics to prove it. You can’t do anything about yesterday, but you can do something about today. I hope you have a great week.

Barb Says:

Yep, I’m just starting back on track from turkey day, plus with yesterday being my birthday. Hubby took me to the olive garden, you know how wonderful and fattening their foods are LOL…

BTW, could you email me your blinkies? I need to update mine and the last one I got was 30 lbs. I have a feeling I will need a new one in the next week or so. Thanks!!

Samantha Says:


Its not that you gain.. thats not the important thing.. The thing you must remember is you are trying.. We all fall down.. and you are picking yourself up and getting right back on the wagon.

Don’t be to hard on yourself. Would love invite you over to my blogs.. yea I have two.. One just weightloss and daily life..
http://whymsicaldreamer.com/lesssam/ I was so inspired by you that I want to be Less of Samantha.. they are still works in progress.. Have a great Week..!


Elizabeth Says:

Oh, I hear you on the never sitting down to finish a meal thing. Only I have a husband who seems to think his legs are broken and I need to serve him too. One baby isn’t enough - I have to have 2 of them ;)

Sorry about the gain, hun, but it was a HOLIDAY. Cut yourself some slack Do you know how many people are “starting over” today? Don’t feel bad! You’re doing awesome! And, definitely DON’T beat yourself up for drinking milk :p

That’s one reason I’m soooo in love with core right now. I can make anything core, the whole Thanksgiving meal could have been core (had I cooked lol). Have you tried pumpkin fluff? It’s a WW recipe for pumpkin pie that’s totally core and low point for flex I think… without crust Who likes crust anyway?


Mandy Says:

Hey Lisa! Email me if you get a chance- I’m putting together a weight loss ezine and I want to interview you for my PCOS article! Oh and I have a question about your mini s’mores too!


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