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Seriously, the ‘now’ picture of me looked better to me in the camera…now I’m not too crazy about it. Figures.
My before (around 295 lbs.) and me now in the brown sweater and before the eyebrow disaster (248 lbs.)…49 lbs. lost.
Dear God, PLEASE let there be a difference:

Ok, so I’m still not thrilled with the ‘now’ but I can definitely see a difference. Who the HELL is the girl in the white shirt? This is the girl I was saying the other day that I still feel like. It’s so funny cuz I know there’s a difference, but I don’t remember seeing the image in the mirror looking any different than it does now. Maybe it’s because it’s a gradual change, and I see myself daily…could be. I just know there is still quite the journey to go, but it’s now only 80-some lbs. left to lose compared to the 130-something I started with. Progress

Also, see in the white shirt where my hip is bulging over the chair? I can now sit in these chairs and my hips don’t even TOUCH the sides of the chair. Reality can be a girls best friend

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By Lisa
On 11.20.05
At 6:17 pm
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Elizabeth Says:

You are sooo beautiful, Lisa! Have I ever told you how beautiful your smile is?? I can definitely see a change! And, I know you must feel wonderful when you’re out and about! I love that picture of you.

I read on the WW boards (I recently became a core board addict lol) that it can take up to 6 months of maintaining your goal weight before you start to see the new you for what you really are. So, seeing yourself as the old you still is perfectly normal I do it too.

Thanks for sharing the pictures!!! Hugs!

Elizabeth Says:

Oh and the next time you’re ready to start another challenge, please let me know (if I can do it on Core that is). I’m going to start getting my menu all straightened out and then I’m ready to challenge myself! And, you girls seem to be doing so well!

kimmieindallas Says:

OMG!! You’re beautiful! And you don’t pick the chair up with your hips when you stand up any longer, right? There really is a big difference. You have a chin. You have cheeks. You have shoulders….. it goes on and on.

hang in there! You are a daily inspiration to ME.


Hmmmmm, lets see what else can I say that everyone else hasnt???? oh yah– how much younger you look!!!! wow lisa- you are sooo beautiful imside and out!!! you go girl- cant wait to see your picture when that next 50 comes off!!

Susie Says:

Hi Lisa! I’ve been reading your blog daily and following your progress for a couple weeks now. I am very impressed with how you’ve done. Your photos show an amazing transformation! I agree with the previous poster — can’t wait to see the photos when the next 50 comes off! You really are very pretty. I know it’s hard to see the changes when you look in the mirror, but as they say, pictures don’t lie. Congratulations on a job well done! =)

kimberly Says:

Hi Lisa. I found your blog last week.

Your progress pics are amazing. There is a big difference. You should be quite proud of yourself.

I am a newbie. I started last week. But I can’t wait until I can post pics like that.

Samantha Says:

OH MY GOODNESS LISA! You look so great!.. I couldn’t even tell at 1st that the pictures were of the same two people.. You are doing Fab! You can really see the change in your face.. Your glowing! Way to go..

Good News here.. Lost my 1st 5lbs hit 229.5 this morning I am thrilled!

Keep it up ! I know you can do it!

JennK Says:

OMG you so purty!!

You are like a new person Lisa! You don’t EVEN look like that old picture!! I’m so proud of you


Jennifer Says:

Hey lisa,
Wow girl, Your HOT. You look so amazing. I am soo proud of you. Guess what I did? I have an appointment in January to see a surgeon for weight loss surgery. I am really excited about it. Some say it is taking the easy way out, but I feel that it is my only choice. I have to change something. So my consult is in Jan and surgery will probably be in Aug.

Jenn K Says:

You haven’t posted your weigh in yet…. there are those of us who are anxious, you know!!!!

amyindallas Says:

LISA!!! HOW AWESOME YOU LOOK!!!! Major congrats! I have been checking out your site for well over a year. I’m a fellow WW Points girl, WATP user & have PCOS. You’re a great inspiration to me! I’m so ready to lose it for good! Thanks so much for having a great site. YOU GO GIRL!!! So proud of you! ~Amy

Elizabeth Says:


Mandy Says:

You look AWESOME Lisa! I am so proud of you and you are such and inspiration to me. I can definitely see a difference! I remember when I lost 45 lbs back in 2001 I couldn’t see a difference in myself, but now that I’ve gained the weight back I sure can! Keep going!

MyDietBlogger.com Says:

Wow! You look amazing!

I couldn’t find your email address on your website, so I am posting here. It seems like your diet journal has helped you lose alot of weight (49 lbs!). I have created a new service offering free diet blogs and journals and would like to have my link added to your great website. If you have any questions just e-mail me back!

the site is: http://www.mydietblogger.com

Thanks! And keep it up.

Bethie Says:

Hi Lisa! I can see a huge difference! You look great! I have been working on my own weight….I have quite a ways to go myself, as I’ve just started. I want to lose 170 altogether and I’ve lost 9 so far. We all gotta start somewhere though, right? I was wondering if you could email me some of your blinkies, I really love those! I wish I knew how to make them, but I don’t yet. My email is Hope to hear from you soon, and much luck in your continued jouney in weight loss!

Barb Says:

Your before and after pics are absolutely great! You look wonderful and I can really see the difference in your face. Keep up with what you are doing. It’s hard to lose a large amount of weight. Trust me, I am there now… almost halfway down from my 74 lb goal. Have lost 34 with 40 to go before I am at my goal weight, which is pre-wedding, pre-kids, you name it! I have done it so far with the green tea method (hot tea you steep, not the supplements) and just portionizing. I also upped my fiber intake eating lots of oatmeal and raisin bran. That and I drink almost what I should in water. I just gained 5 back with thanksgiving but that was much to be expected. I think we have to allow for the holidays with a small gain and really jump back on the wagon as soon as the holiday has come and gone. Now with xmas approaching, it’s time to think about what low fat stuff I can serve. ;)

Steph Says:

You look great!!! Keep up the awesome work.



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