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Another suitable ‘before’ photo

I will post this photo when I get home, I promise, but I had to tell the story of what happened to me about an hour ago.

A lady we work with asked my mom to get some photos of some of our co-workers. This lady is crafty and has something up her sleeve, so mom started pulling out photos from her desk of other co-workers. She came across this little beauty (not) of me, and figured I would want it for another ‘before’ shot and gave it to me before the lady could see it and take it.

The picture is from at LEAST 4 years ago. Abbie is in it with me, and she couldn’t have been more than 3. So, this is from before I even got pregnant with Megan, or could possibly have been JUST as I was pregnant with her (which makes it even sadder, because I lost weight right before I got pregnant with Meggie).

You would think when you see a photo of you ‘before’ that you would automatically be overjoyed that you have come so far, you look so much smaller, your face isn’t solid roundness, etc. A normal person would anyways. Here’s my take on the picture. Yeah, I look AWFUL. Seriously, when you see the photo, there’s nothing ‘cute’ about me at all in it. But what’s the first thing I think? Ok, well the FIRST thing I thought was OHMYGawsh…I KNOW I am not that big anymore. That’s a plus right??? Truthfully, when I see the picture of me being that big (and it is very close to my heaviest weight, I am positive of that), I know there is a physical difference, but right now, I still FEEL like that girl in the photo. I see changes in my body, my clothes, compliments I receive, that kind of stuff, but I still feel as big as I was then. When I look in the mirror I see THAT girl.

I guess just like with maturity, my mind needs to meet up with my body.

I’ll post the dreadful photo tonight. Maybe I can get Clint to take a ‘now’ one of me just for comparison and kicks, even though I don’t see much difference from the ones in my photos page…maybe we can do it just for fun and post-sake

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By Lisa
On 11.17.05
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Jenn K Says:

Ok so where is this picture? You posted yesterday and now it’s today and no picture… hehehehe

I changed my site… AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m begining to feel like JANA! hehehehe Love you Jana

Ok.. so how is the AKC workin? I posted about mine - not really kickin any but I guess I’m doing ok? 160 minutes total so far this week, plus I’m about to add 40 more?

Love ya!

Samantha Says:


That’s one of my biggest fears.. That even if I shead the weight.. That i won’t see it.. Nor will anyone.. For me I am the whipping post of our family. So when everyone needs to be nasty to someone else they do it to me, cuz frankly I am to nice to say a thing.

Maybe it will just take time for you to see the new girl inside. Hey I have a great respect for you and your will power. I have seen the pictures in your photo area.. Let me tell you Darling you look wonderful.

*hugs* made the mini cheesy pot pie this week.. Love them..


Jenn K Says:

You are a NUT!!! ROFL Loved your lllloooonnnnggg ass comment to me on my journal hehehehe! Gosh I miss chatting with you, I miss the way you ALWAYS make me giggle! We need to plan a chat time ok?

OOOHHH Guess what I got today for an early Christmas present? Your never gonna guess. You’ll be guessing all night…. wanna know?

Do Ya? Do Ya? HUH?
( ^ that was supposed to be Dory from Finding Nemo)

Ok, have you guessed yet? No.. well it’s a….

PALM PILOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t WAIT to download Dotti’s!!! I’m sucha copy cat huh? I had to copy you

Oh.. last thing… (I’m trying to see how long I can ramble in your comments now… there’s that copying thing again…) You haven’t posted that picture yet?????

Ok, well, I’m gonna go now. I think I’ve said enough. Wellll… not enough to last forever… I’ll be back!!

hehehe Love ya!!!

Nicola Says:

Hi Lisa,

Great job on the weight loss!! I was wondering if you would mind e-mailing me some of your weight loss blinkies? I need the 81-100 lbs weight loss blinkies. I already saved the 1-80 lbs blinkies a while ago but then I got pregnant so now I have extra pregnancy weight to lose as well. Thanks so much!!

Kim Says:

Hey just stopping by to say,hi:)
You are doing so GREAT. It sounds like the exercise challenge is going so well. I am glad Karen can be your accountability partner. It REALLY helps to have that:)
Keep up the AWESOME work!!!!
I am still struggling to get back on my eating program.
The only thing saving me from a huge gain is the fact that I am still Exercising. Pray I can get it together soon. I don’t really know why I am struggling:)
Hugs and Blessings!!!

Elizabeth Says:

Lisssssaaaaaaa, I need advice again… I’m constantly hungry lately. Like REEEEEALLY hungry. Like… if we didn’t use protection, I’d think I was pregnant hungry. I am constantly trying to hold off from eating, but I’m SOOOO HUNGRY. Soooo… Someone brought up the core plan to me. Do you have any advice on that???

And, where are you?? We miss you *Hugs*


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