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Ass Kicking Challenge - Day #1

Today is the first day of what will from here on out be known as the AKC … Ass Kicking Challenge. This is something that Jenn (from Against the Odds) and Karen (who I have as a constant daily e-mail supporter) and I are all doing for this next week. Today was Day #1. Just a little competition in good fun to see who can get in the most exercise in one week. The idea came from The Biggest Loser. Awesome show, but the maniacs work out for HOURS each day. They lose a ton of weight most weeks, so it has to be good So starting today and ending next Sunday, we will see who has the most total minutes of working out.

Today was a wonderful ’start-over’ day for me. I didn’t weigh in this morning. This past week sucked. The. Big. One. But today I feel rejuvinated. I feel like it’s day one again, and feel as though I really can succeed once again.

My total points for the day were 16. Yeah, a little low, 10 to be exact. And I never go below 20, but today just worked out that I wasn’t hungry and didn’t need to eat much. But seeing as how I earned 10 Activity Points from intentional exercise, and even though I don’t trade my activity points for food points, that puts me at a mere 6 points for the day if you look at it that way. One day won’t hurt. Makes up for a few bad days

So today. Here are my totals. (I will keep a running total for these daily)

My total minutes for today’s challenge day : 70 minutes.
Total Activity Points earned : 10
Total Calories Burned: 809.8
Total Miles for intentional exercise: 3.778
Total Steps (pedometer): 9,924

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On 11.14.05
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Elizabeth Says:

Good luck on the AKC *hugs*


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