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Crappy weeks. We all have them. This is mine. I feel a long rambly post coming on…have a seat…

I haven’t journaled in 3 days. I’m not thirsty in the least, so my water intake has also sucked. Exercise is for the birds. Now the exercise there is a good reason. It’s actully just the intentional exercise that is for the birds. I have been quite busy actually. To the point where the muscles on my hips hurt. Not my hip bones…the muscles (or at least I THINK that is what is causing the pain) ON my hips. Never knew you had muscles there. My neighbor (who’s a body builder) seems to think it’s because of the weight I have lost in my legs, my hips are compensating somehow in muscle use. Does that make sense? Kinda does to me, kinda sounds like bull. So to sum up my week ~ active, yes…devoted, no.

So here’s to a shotty weigh-in on Monday

Jenn, maybe Karen, and I, starting Monday, are going to be doing a ‘The Biggest Loser’ @$$-kicking workout challenge…our style You know how The Biggest Loser people work out like ALL THE FRICKIN TIME??!?! That’s gonna be us this week. We are going to see who can get in the most exercise…that will be a good kick-starter I do believe.

Here’s an off the wall question that hit me today…what do you think? Can compulsive liars pass lie detector tests?? I mean if they are the kind of liar (I’m referring to someone in my ‘real’ life that this has affected me and my family lately)…a liar where they believe whatever they have just made up to actually have happened and be perfectly true. Can they pass a detector?? They obviously belive it to have happened, therefore, basically there would be no fluctuations in their demeanor, correct? Something to think about.

My mom and I discussed what awesome millionaires we would make. I told her that I would love to win the lottery, have no money worries, and say at Christmas time, play Santa. I want to go and do shopping for families, adults and kids, wrap the gifts, and Christmas Eve, go around to houses and just leave presents on their doorstep as if Santa had been there. Mom suggested passing out $100.00 walmart gift certificates in front of the Walmart store to whoever was walking in. Like do $200,000.00 worth of gift certificates and hand them out like candy. Do you know how GOOD that stuff would feel??? Course then reality sets in, in my daydream, (kind of a oxymoron there, aye???) and I think, I would SO be mugged…you know someone would probably take as many from you as they could grab and run…or you would have someone going through the line 10 times…either way…at least I know what a great feeling that would be…we would make awesome millionaires…

Snow is in the forecast For Sunday night. The nutj0b I am…when winter comes, I get the winter blues…I want to be outside so badly that at work I seriously go outside and do laps in the parking lot…walking in blizzard conditions- scarf, gloves, ear muffs, and of course my MP3 player. No one in their right mind is even driving by with their toasty heaters on inside…but there you’ll see me! Laps around the friggin parking lot. Just so I can get outside. I forget what it’s called, but I do believe I definitely have it…where you get depressed being indoors all winter…I can never remember what that’s called…but I think I have it. Yeah, I have it. Did I mention, I have it?

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By Lisa
On 11.11.05
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Kimmie Says:

Good morning miss Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)….

I’d SOOOO be a victim to this if I lived somewhere that had winter. I’m in Dallas and we don’t much have winter. We get grey skies and such but we really are still able to get out most days.

hips sore? mine get sore if I’ve had a little too much bedtime activity…..

Melissa Says:

Are you sure its muscles…I have pain in my hips/pelvis and I believe it’s ligament pain. It’s getting so bad that it hurts just to stand up or lift my leg, I am starting to think I need to see someone about it. I have to take it slowly with fitness because of it.

Just came by to say Happy Sunday and hope you have a good week.

Hugs, Mel


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