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Trick or treating was fun I pushed the stroller with Abbie and Megan switching off who got to ride to rest their legs. We had fun. They are both a little squeamish of creepy costumes, but they did wonderful I had chocolate. Lord help me, I had chocolate. Last night before bed…Little miss monthly decided to show. I’m NOT a happy girl this morning on my scale. Good news is, I know I haven’t done anything to cause the gain. Well…somewhat. Chocolate. Yes, I did have a few more than I had planned on. Then Clint made this AMAZING dinner for us last night. It was gnocchi…which are like potato/dumpling/kinda noodles…and he added diced tomatoes, spinach and some garlic alfredo sauce and mixed it. Talk about DELICIOUS. It was 8 pts. for 1 cup. This stuff was not only yummy, but VERY heavy. Literally. Like before I knew it it felt like I had eaten a bowling ball and it had just finally worked its way down and smacked bottom. whoa. So there are the 3 reasons that my scale was most definitely up this morning.

Ways I’m going to defeat that number today??? 1. I’m heading out to clean the barn. That is ALWAYS alot of calories burned/activity points earned. Alot of shoveling, lifting, climbing over the gates…very good workout 2. I shall have my feet practically glued to Lippy when I’m not doing my Pilates DVD or my WATP DVD. Today is going to be known as ‘Kick some ass Sunday’…officially.

I may give myself another day or two before I post an offcial weigh-in. I’m real good at getting discouraged when I see a gain, so why blow it when I can just wait another day or two, right?

I just spent over an hour flipping through approx. 127 diet sites. You know those sites that have like 200 sites listed on one page…well I found one and started at the top. Wanna hear something sad? I am not kidding, out of the 127 sites that I went through (mine is listed and included in this number as well) only 3 (yes, including my site) THREE of them were still an up-to-date site. 4 of them were people that had reached goal in like 2003 with no recent updates…kinda makes me wonder if they have stuck with it or if the weight had crept back on, therefore no update?? But the other 121 sites were seriously abandoned, removed, or showed 3 weigh ins with the last weigh-in showing a gain and then no more updates.

I know how discouraging a gain can be…I’m determined that I and my site will not end up as these places did…so I am on my way to clean the barn and get my exercise in so that my mind gets out of ‘a little worried’ mode and I tackle the gain head-on I know Miss Monthly is the culprit, but it’s still scary as hell to a number that wasn’t supposed to be.

Can I just say that for the past many months I have seriously been hooked on PostSecret. Every Sunday there is a new set of postcards sent in. I live for Sunday mornings to see the newest cards. There are alot that have adult pictures/themes so be careful who you read them around

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Gina Says:

LISA!! I just love your new look in here!! It’s really relaxing!!

Forget the chocolate!! It’s a new day and you are going to do this girl…



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