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Trick - or - Treat

Tonight is the girls Trick or treating I will post pictures later after my mom e-mails them to me as my digital camera has decided that it’s life is no longer worth living.

I plan on no candy.
I plan on no candy.
I plan on no candy.
I plan on no candy.

Yes. That’s the ‘plan’…I can do it. I’m not big on candy anyways, truthfully. The chocolate, now that’s a different story. But I can do it. Chocolate is not worth ruining the number on the scale that was so beautiful to me yesterday.

I’m going to put my pedometer on when we go and see how much walking I do. Trick or treating is for 2 hours. Even at ‘light’ activity, that earns me 7 activity points, and as of right now, it’s 1:30 p.m and I’ve only eaten 8 points. Add in 30 minutes on Lippy and I do believe it’s going to be a good day…

Water is getting easier to get down again…after I started the new medicine, water just didn’t want to flow downward at all. It was like my body was refusing to swallow. Strange. Better now though.

I added a couple of new reads on the right…I have found so many awesome journals (I despise the word ‘blog’…don’t ask me why) lately, and these two new ones are guys One is Fred from One Phat Man…he’s the one that wrote the book ‘From Chunk to Hunk’ and he is back to journaling to get off 15 lbs. that he had regained…so it’s great to see him back. The other, ‘Finally Slim’ is a ‘metro-sexual’ man, as he describes himself and he’s alot of fun to read I have a few others that I’m keeping an eye on before I add them…so you may see a few more new ones soon.

When I find new reads it snowballs. I read their site, and all of their links to other journals, and links from those journals and so on. Before I know it, 5 hours have passed, the dog has passed out from needing to go outside so badly and the girls have become weak from lack of nutrition. Therefore, I limit my time.

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On 10.29.05
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Elizabeth Says:

YOU CAN DO IT LISA!! No candy!!!

Girl, we wound up hating Hawaii. UGH. I have so many reasons, I just don’t want to be too negative LOL. Needless to say, we made a snap decision and I’m going home… tomorrow. We did everything so quickly, bought tickets, shipped the car, found a place to move into. And, Jason’s boss wants him back asap So, we’ll be back where I feel safe and comfortable… and am better at dieting. Ugh. The scale says 155 suddenly again. I’m going to update the site before we go hopefully and then build an entire new one once we get there. We won’t have TV until Jason’s paycheck gets to us so building a new site will be simple LOL. Miss you!!!! I promise I’ll get caught up soon!!

Jana Says:

We can do it…we can fight temptation!!!!!!! Best of luck to you as you are tempted the next few days!

Lotsa hugs!

Benjamin Says:

Chocolate is awfully tempting, no? I tend to buy really dark stuff: Lindt 85%. The stuff tastes great — and you get the chocolate rush — but its really very difficult to eat much of. Beest of luck! Thanks for the link. Its great to be part of the world-wide fast! Together we can shed!


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