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Unnoficial weigh-in

I know my official weigh-in isn’t until Monday…BUT…

I woke up this morning to a 3 lb. loss SO FAR this week…that puts me at

50.5 LBS. GONE!!!!

Do you know I started out needing to lose at LEAST 137 lbs. and now I can say I ‘only’ need to lose 87 more??? Do you have any idea how GOOD that feels???? I’m on freakin cloud 9 this morning!!!! I won’t update my charts or stats until Monday’s weigh in, but I couldn’t contain myself this morning.

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By Lisa
On 10.28.05
At 6:47 am
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Jana Says:

Way to go!!!!!!!! I knew you could do it! You rawk on!!!!!!!!!

And as far as me…in my best Sponge Bob voice…

“I’m ready…I’m ready…I’m ready!!!!!!!!” Here’s looking to being BIG losers together!!!!!!!!

Lotsa hugs!

Jenn K Says:

Ok, now how AWESOME is that!??!?! You are HOT momma!! hehehehe I’m PROUD of you Dang, I’m proud of US!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim Says:

Hi Lisa:)
WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!
Thank you so much for your encouragement:)
Kim @ www.maintenancemomma.com

Reid Says:

Good job — and nice site!


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