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Things are going really well again this week. I’m journaling everything, in my new Palm Pilot, of course! I don’t know if I mentioned that here or not, but I got a new palm off of ebay last week sometime for $28.00 shipping and all…I was so excited…anyways (sorry if this is all a repeat, I can’t remember if I posted about his or not) I downloaded Dotti’s restaurants into it, so I always have an updated restaurant list with me which is a Godsend. Also on Dotti’s she has a program you can download into your palm that is a points calculator. When I downloaded it, I really thought it would just be a points calculator. No. This program (which shows your points ‘range’ still from the 123 success program which I loved the most) has a journal to journal your food and points everyday. It has a points calculator. It has an activity points calculator. It stores your weight. It figures your BMI. It keeps track of your water, veggies, fruit, milk, and even has a little box you check when you take your vitamins. I never in my life imagined I would ever get a Palm…just didn’t seem feasable to me, but getting it so cheap and being able to store all my journals and points alone is so worth it to me. I love it

The only thing I really need work on this week is more exercise…so I’m on that tonight

I made a snack last night (which I had only ONE of because I wanted to keep my points low), and I tried it out on the girls and Clint and they really liked it In fact, Abbie ate the rest of what Megan didn’t eat. When I figured the points out it comes out to7 pts. for the entire snack. Here’s what I did.

Mini S’mores
1 bag 100 cal. honey maid graham snacks (Nabisco 100 cal snack packs)
1 mini marshmallow per graham snack
1 mini kiss (a larger version of a chocolate chip) per graham snack

I set my oven broiler on low. I placed the bag of graham snacks in a single layer, spread out on a cookie sheet. I took each mini marshmallow and gently smooshed them between my thumb and first finger so they were kind of ‘flat’ and would sit on the graham snack easily, then I set on mini kiss on top of the marshmallow. I put them under the broiler for just like 2 minutes. I saw a couple of the kisses fall over, so I knew they were getting ‘melted’…took them out of the oven and used a butter knife and pressed the kiss into the marshmallow gently so they would mesh together and let it cool for a couple of minutes. The kiss never really melted, but the marshmallow got very soft, so they weren’t messy at all…but the entire tray (there were 18 of them) was only 7 pts. total. So even if you ate 9 of them it’s only 3.5 points for a snack, and 9 of them is a lot. They are kinda sweet…I had one, but I can see after a couple it would probably be enogh. Definitely would curb a sweet tooth If you decide to make them, let me know what you think, would you??? I wanted to take a picture of them to show you, but my camera decided it didn’t want to turn on last night.

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Jenn K Says:

MMMMMM Those sound YUMMY!! That’s a great deal on your new little palm pilot

Hey, WE are doing AWESOME, don’t you think?


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