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Great weekend :)

Friday night there was a talent show at Abbie’s elementary school. It was so cute. Then Saturday around noon, Jana (from A Lot Less Jana) and her family came up for the weekend from Pittsburgh, PA. It was so much fun They crashed here last night and left this morning after breakfast. It was great to see them

Today I’m doing N-O-T-H-I-N-G !!! Feels wonderful. I worked on my website a little bit, just a few little things I wanted to tweak a bit, and then I got up my new link for my challenge page. Jenn from Against the Odds had started the challenge, I had posted a while back about it, and just now finally got it up…so I will update that each week also along with my regular weigh-in chart. My goal is 20 lbs. by Christmas…very do-able

I did my very first 20 minute Winsor Pilates workout today. Ok. two words. HOLY. CRAP. Even watching the video itself WHILE I’m doing it, these people seriously make this look so easy. Like our bodies just automatically move, stretch and balance that way. I can honestly say, they have to be some strong-ass people…it really felt awesome after I did the workout, I felt loosened up everywhere, really feels good, and what a good workout! It’s basically, slow, controlled movements using your ‘center’ (your stomach muscles) to keep flowy movements…I am going to give this a serious try and stick with it a few times per week and see how I improve. I was able to do a few things decently, but most of it was a bit uncomfortable. It will just take some time to get my body used to the movements and get to be a bit more flexible, which I’m not.

Tomorrow’s weigh in I’m very excited about, as I saw a beautiful number this morning I am going to go and hit Lippy for one last shot at a teeny bit more of a loss…we shall have the big reveal in the morning!!!

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Melissa Says:

Awe…I wish I could have come. I bet it was wonderful to see one another. I just came by to wish you a Happy Sunday and whoohoo on the 4 lbs this past week.

Hugs, Mel

Jennifer Says:

I honestly dont know how you do it. You do so well at sticking to a diet and watching what you eat. I cant even do it for one lousy day. At night I always lay in bed and think “ok tomorrow i am going to do it and stick to it no matter what” and of course i dont. I never do! Now I am to the point where I am thinking it is too far gone and I have no hope at losing because I need to lose soo much. Thinking it will take forever before I even start to see a change. I dont know what to do. I have a membership for the Y, I have an eliptical machine and every other maching you can think of except a treadmill. I want this soo bad yet I cant stick to anything for even a day. It is sooo frustrating. If there wasnt such a waiting list for surgery in canada I would do it tomorrow. Seems to be my favorite line these days……..”I will do it tomorrow”. Anyway just feeling down and felt like whining about it. It makes me realize how strong and how much willpower you must have. I wish I could be like you!

Jenn K Says:

Oh… just forgot to mention…


I wanna be there too!!! hehehehehe

Christy Says:

Aw, Lisa! WTG on the big loss and the Pilates. It’s WORTH it.

I don’t know if you read comments or not, but I know several people who have had AWESOME success with WInsor Pilates. Two even went to Hollywood to film an infomercial.


Anyhow, just had to throw my $.02 in.


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