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Things are looking up

Today has been wonderful from the get-go. Medicine is working it’s wonders so far. The nasty sick feeling I was having has passed and I’m doing great. I feel better, I’m sleeping better, waking up easier, all that good stuff

Scale was nice to me this morning I’m down 3 lbs. already since Monday. That puts me 1 lb. below where I was before the whiskey free-for-all at the wedding If I can just do 2 more lbs. by Monday I’ll see 249 That is exactly 10 lbs above my lowest that I hit after I had Megan. After that it’s all virgin fat territory people.

I had 22.5 points yesterday and only about 60 oz. of water…so today I’m trying for around the same amount of points, 100 oz. of water, and hit Lippy for 1/2 hour later on. Need some intentional exercise

Oh, and I still need to get pictures up from the Wedding…I will work on that soon as I can…(thanks for the reminder Karen)…and Mel, thank you so much for your comment!! I will be e-mailing you soon!!!!

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By Lisa
On 10.20.05
At 12:47 pm
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Tina Says:

I love your new format and graphics. I hope the new med works well for you. Congratulations on you losses. You are doing it!!


Kim Says:

Hi Lisa:)
I Love the new format!!! You are doing AWESOME!!!!
I have kind of fallen off the wagon:( I hope I can get it back together this next week:) I am starting to gain again:(
Have a blessed day! Hugs kim @www.maintenancemomma.com


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