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Been an odd day

I started my new medication today. I did feel a little different a few hours after I took it, but not all in good ways. I paid more attention to my toilet today than I did my kids. Kidding. But seriously, I had to run to the bathroom SEVERAL times today (wont’ give you the nasty details that I’m sure you can figure out for yourselves, but…activity points??? Nah…), had a very dry mouth (so it was easy to get my water in), and another good thing, I had NO appetite (so my points were low). Food didn’t even LOOK good. And, pinch me please, but even ICE CREAM didn’t sound or look good. LOVIN’ the new meds (not that I feel them working really, but all of the above kept my day good).

The Biggest Loser is on tonight, but I’m having to record it on the DVR as I can’t sit and watch any TV show while the girls are still up. They are heading to bed, and then at 9:00 I will be able to replay it. I caught the first 10 minutes maybe, but I’m anxious to see it. Lost and Biggest Loser are shows that I just can’t WAIT till the next week comes on

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By Lisa
On 10.18.05
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Melissa Says:

Hey Lisa…
it’s so hard. I know. That is the whole reason why I finally let myself be put on something back in June and I was doing wonderfully with it and weightloss. I could stay on track and not binge which was a coping habit from way back. I have been seriously screwed up for a month now because my Dr. wanted to help me because the med that made me feel great had 1 drawback and that was no sexual desire. This whole month I have tried 3 different meds the latest being Paxil…NOT a good reaction for the past 48 hours and I am about to try another again. Normally I would say screw it and just go off of everything but I know that on the right med I feel fantastic and in control of my life and health and I am afraid if I don’t find the right med that I will go backwards again this winter since that is when Depression hits me the hardest of all.

I am here for ya..well, I don’t have internet for another wk or so but please email me and I usually get online thru the library every few days. Use the email I put in above since I can’t check my webmail for the site right now.

I will keep my fingers crossed that you feel better soon.

Hugs, Mel

Elizabeth Says:

Oh Girlllllll, I hope you feel better! I’m so sorry I’ve been so shaky lately, but I did come by to catch up tonight! I miss you tons!!! Let me know how you are!!

Love the new graphics btw HUGS!


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