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Week one, down

Well, this marks the end of Challenge Week Of course, my period couldn’t come at a worse time, so that made my loss a solid 2 lbs. this week. I know I have lost more than that, but being bloated, and that whole deal, I’ll take it Also, I can see a difference in my face in just this last week and also in my clothes. In my stomach especially. Everything is really droopy in my stomach…even my fresh-out-of-the-dryer jeans. They are fitting fine in the waist, but looser where my stomach is in them. Kinda feels cool

So, I’m not down about the weigh-in…I thought I would be if it wasn’t a huge loss, but hey…gotta start somewhere And, after I start, it’ll be an even lower number just like always

Ya’ll are not gonna belive the activity points I earned this past week. I think I journaled here that I got 11 AP’s in the one day when my eating was bad. That was 5-1/2 miles of INTENTIONAL exercise that day! I’m kicking ass on Lippy now. 30 minutes is nothing now Seems like it took FOREVER to get to 30 minutes where my body could handle it, but I’m doing it I was thinking about it, when I first got Lippy, I remember the night we brought her home, put her together and I jumped on. I kid you not I probably went about 10 steps on her and was so winded. It feels awesome that I can pump out 30 and still wanna go more sometimes!!!

Well, this past weekend, Saturday especially, I earned SO many AP’s. We put the trusses up on the garage we are building. There was 6 of us total, with 3 of us (myself included) lifting these trusses up over our heads to get them up for the roof. I will put pictures here later on so you can see what I’m talking about, in case you don’t know what trusses are. This garage is monsterous, and they are the entire width of the garage and weigh a ton. We put up 25 of them suckers. That day alone I earned 21 AP’s….ONE DAY…21 of em…and that was figuring very conservatively…I figured that at ‘light’ on my points booster…and I KNOW it was not ‘light’ work but I hate to over figure my AP’s…so I figured the entire day (more than 8 hours) at ‘light’…so basically everything I had eaten that day was completely burned off.

I only had the one bad day last week, which was awesome I’m still waiting to hear how Karen did on her weigh in, but I’ll post soon as I know

I will get the ‘lb. blinkies’ out to those who were asking for them, later on tonight


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Amber Says:

HI there Lisa! I found your site a couple weeks ago! You’re a true inspiration! I also snagged one of your weight loss blinkies, but need a new one, as I have lost more weight. If you could email me the, I’ve Lost 23 lbs blinkie, I would appreciate it! Thanks so much, and keep up on the weight loss!


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