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Had a bad day…

Sorry for no challenge update last night. Was a BAAAAD day. Got emotional, ate, got over it, back on track again now…thank you SOOO very much to Karen for getting me sanely through it

I did, however, manage to get myself 11, yes, ELEVEN activity points yesterday that more than covered my little food explosion. So that feels great, even though my butt doesn’t agree with that today…she’s feeling a little used today I did a 2 mile walk at work yesterday for 4 AP’s, 2 mile bike ride last night for 1 AP, and 1.55 miles (34 minutes) on Lippy last night for 6 AP’s.

Today so far has been off to a wonderful start. Only 4 pts. so far, for breakfast, and I’m at 40 oz. of water so far for the morning. We are putting up trusses on the biggin’ garage I told you all we were building for my parents. That will commence tomorrow morning. Gonna be A-LOT of AP’s happening this weekend for sure. I’m hoping that yesterday’s eating disaster and my upcoming period doesn’t put a damper on Monday’s weigh in, but I’m SURE I have lost, as I FEEL it already…so no matter what it is, I have to continue on!!!

On another note, I am in the process of removing ALL of my blinkies from my site. People are still direct linking to them and it’s taking up a HUGE amount of space, and I have run out of room on my space. So, if you want any of them, please leave me a comment here whenever you want one, and whatever one you want (the Lbs. lost ones or whatever) and I will get back to you as soon as I can with the ones you requested. Sorry to have to do this, but the direct linking has gotten a bit out of control.

Right now, if you have my e-mail address and have written and I haven’t replied, I am having some problems with my server right now, and none of my mail is coming through and I can’t make any changes on my site. I should be back to normal later on today

Oh, and don’t forget, everyone head to Miss Elizabeth’s site and wish her a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Monday!!! Before she leaves for Hawaii to live the good life!!! Her birthday is the same as Clint’s, too cool So I will be at your site as well Elizabeth, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you lady ;)

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By Lisa
On 09.23.05
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Melissa Says:

Hey Lisa…Happy Sunday!
Sorry you had a rough day and so glad you had a good friend to get you over it. I had a really bad week but I am getting back on track and I lost the 3 lbs I gained in the process. lol I really tried to stick to the no scale but I caved in on the 4th day BUT I am not weighing myself everyday though just every OTHER day. rofl Its hard.

I also switched back to a modified WW/ low carb plan kind of winging it but so far its working for me. I can’t wait to see your weigh-in…you have been doing so great!

Hugs, Mel

Elizabeth Says:

*AWWWWWW* Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

And, congrats on getting through the eating mode safely!! That’s such a great step!! And, I can’t believe you *just* removed the dang blinkies. I came here for that very reason hahaha. I need the 23lb lost one please I just love them!

I can’t wait for your weigh in after doing this challenge for a week!! Lots of good luck on the scale stepping! I did mine early this week because tomorrow is going to be such chaos with getting ready for our Tuesday move that I’m not sure how long I’ll have online. Plus the weight hasn’t changed an ounce since Tuesday (isn’t that weird?). HUGS!!!

Tina Says:

I enjoy your journal. I just wanted to comment that it is hard to read now since you changed the format, I have to scroll right and left to read it. Thanks.


Jennifer Says:

Congratson th eweight loss I just stated and am down 5 pounds now. I was hoping I could get the lost 3 and the lost 2 pound blinkies? Please let me know THANKS!


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