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Challenge day #3

Can I just start off by saying, I kicked @$$ today?!?!?! It was Megan’s 3rd birthday, so that meant dinner, cake & ice cream. And you won’t BELIEVE how well I managed it all I went to work today, got home and got the house cleaned before everyone got here at 6:00 p.m. I got the cake frosted (baked it last night) and decorated, present wrapped and everyone showed up. I made shredded BBQ beef (not too bad on points and soooo yummy!!!) for sandwiches (I got 1 pt. hamburger buns) and chips is what was for dinner. I measured out my 1/4 cup of BBQ beef which equaled about 2 oz of meat (with the BBQ sauce on it, which is made with just ketchup and diet cola, no points for the BBQ sauce at all) and had that on my 1 pt. bun and had a serving of Baked Lays. We opened presents and sang happy birthday and in came the cake and ice cream. I got it all served up, didn’t even think, more just habit and I served enough for everyone, including myself. I told myself ‘oh well, one day won’t matter..I have enough points to cover it’…and dang if I didn’t sit down with that (small, but still) piece of cake with a scoop of REGULAR ice cream even. DUDE. Where was my head?!?!?! I swear, I took 2 small bites of cake and 2 small bites of ice cream, and I gave my plate to Abbie. I couldn’t have done more than 1 point in the amount I ate, but I literally did NOT want it anymore!!! That was the BEST feeling EVER!!! I so didn’t eat it!!! I had a taste and obviously was satisfied with what I had tried and consciously, yes CONSCIOUSLY, chose to NOT eat the sucker!!! GO ME GO ME GO ME…ok, so that was cheesy, but you can SO understand my excitement, right???

So I’m below points again today, but still above 20…Here’s my day ~

Goal Points ~ 28
Points used today ~23

Breakfast ~
1 Cup Special K Red Berries *2 pts.*
1 Cup Fat Free Milk *2 pts.*
2 lite toast *1 pt.*

Morning Snack ~
1 small Gala apple *1 pt.*

Lunch ~
Michelina’s Lean Gourmet Turkey & Veggies *2 pts.*
1/2 of Megan’s Peanut butter & jellly sandwich that she didn’t finish, I know I know *2 pts.*

Afternoon snack ~
1 Special K Vanilla Crisp cereal bar *2 pts.*
1 serving (11 chips) Baked Lays *2 pts.*

Dinner ~
1 Lite hamburger bun *1 pt.*
1/4 Cup (2 oz.) BBQ Shredded Beef *3 pts.* (I think I figured a bit high on this one)
1 serving (11 chips) Baked Lays *2 pts.*

Evening Snack ~
2 bites of birthday cake & 2 bites of ice cream *3 pts.* (again, figured high on this also, but want to make sure I cover the points)

Water goal ~ 100 oz.
Today’s water intake ~ 114 oz.

Activity Points Goal ~ 3
Today’s AP’s ~ 4

20 minutes on Lippy (1.003 miles, 233.4 calories burned)

Just an update also on the scale boycott. There are now 4 other people that have joined me in shoving the scale in a cold dark place where no one can hear it’s screams. Too cool!!!

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Gina Says:

YOU GO GIRL!! I know you must still be on cloud 9!!! That’s the best feeling in the world, when you can start to tell you are in control of the food and it’s not controlling you anymore!!

I am so proud of you!!

Elizabeth Says:

You passed up cake?? OMG You are sooooo strong woman!! That’s fantastic!! And, now you can rejoice with pride than feel guilty!! Wonderful!!

You are doing so well! And, happy birthday to your littlest one! Hugs!


hey lisa - my mail to you keeps getting sent back to me- ill try again later=do you have a differnt address i could try? It says your amil box is full. hmmmmmm - karen


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