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I will be back later on to fill in my daily rundown, but for now I wanted to post this link for anyone interested. I am working at home today and don’t get to see much daytime TV, so you can imagine my shock when I turned on ‘The View’ and saw how much weight Star Jones has lost!! She looks AMAZING!!! I went to her site to see what she has done to accomplish her weight loss, and she’s very vague about it. But I think it’s cool because she doesn’t want everyone buying into the ‘hype’ of all these diet fads. She spoke with her doctor, got a plan together, eats right for HER body, works out several times a week and she has done such a great job!!

She mentioned on her site that she does Pilates several times a week, so I went to the website that she posted (Power Pilates) and I found a link there where you can download a 15 minutes beginners class to your computer. So I just got it. Haven’t tried it yet, but it really looks cool, so if you are interested, go to the link I posted and on their site there is a link on the left for ‘Free Mat Class Download’…you have to register if you aren’t already, but you do NOT need to enter ANY credit card information, just be sure to check the box for ‘Billing address the same as shipping address’ and it will take you to the page where you can download the class. Right click on whatever link you decide to download from (there are 3 choices of screen size for whatever capability your computer/internet can handle) and save it to your computer. Simple as that Enjoy!!

I’ll be back later to fill in my day of eating, water and exercise

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