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Today’s rundown on the challenge progress

Shocked to see yet another post from me today??? Had another great day! Couple of food choices that weren’t the best, but I”m still right at my points and feeling good

Goal points ~ 28
Total Used ~ 28

Breakfast ~
2 eggs, over easy *4 pts.*
2 pcs. lite bread *1 pt.*

Lunch ~
Michelina’s Lean Gourmet - Turkey & vegetable (frozen meal) *2 pts.*
1 cup-a-soup - Asian Beef Noodle *2 pts.*

Dinner ~
Michelina’s Lean Gourmet - Meatloaf w/broccoli & cauliflower (frozen meal) *4 pts.*

Snacks ~
1 Bag 94% FF Microwave Popcorn *4 pts.*
4 starburst candies *2 pts.*
4 mini donuts (I know, I know, not good at ALL) *6 pts.*
1/2″ square fudge *1 pt* - This one, my sugar was low from not eating for about 5 hours, and by the time I got home I needed something badly, so I cut a teeny piece of this to get my sugar up fast…
4 oz. FF milk *1 pt.*
1/2 serving *about 4 of them) Quaker mini rice cakes *1 pt.*

Water ~
Goal is 100 oz.
Today I got in 156 oz!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been in the potty SOOOO much today…LOL

Activity ~
Goal is 3 AP’s per day
Today I earned 4 AP’s
Elliptical machine (Lippy) ~ 27 minutes, 1.26 miles, and burned 302.7 calories
I also did alot of walking/shopping tonight at our WalMart, but I didn’t figure any points up for that…just an added bonus

What I want to change for tomorrow ~ I am going to get my butt outta bed in the morning and get a session in on Lippy, walk at work if it’s not raining, and another session on Lippy tomorrow night, and I need to remove the couple of bad choice snacks that I chose today. I got some groceries tonight, so I’m stocked up somewhat on more of ‘my’ foods again I was still at my points limit today though, didn’t go over and got in plenty of activity, so I’m not sweating this at all

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By Lisa
On 09.19.05
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Elizabeth Says:

I’m so thrilled to see how well you’re doing! It’s so inspiring! Is journaling helping you? I’m beginning to think we all *need* to journal.

Thanks for your comment! I do know something’s not right that I’m working on. I have a good friend who is a recovering anorexic and when she started panicking about me, I knew it was time to do something. She doesn’t want to see me end up in her shoes and keeps nagging me to change it.

And, yes… stay off the scale!! *LOL* Like I can talk. But, I’m still talking :p You’ll feel great next week when you step on the scale for the first time in 7 days!! Gasp!! (((hugs)))

Kim Says:

Hi Lisa,
Just popping in to say,hi:) I am so glad you all have decided to put away your scales. I had to have hubby hide mine:) HUGS to you:)
Kim @http://maintenancemomma.com


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