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It worked…it ACTUALLY worked

I did it…I hid the scale…True, I do know where it’s at, but it’s not staring me in the face everytime I walk into my bathroom, begging me to get on it. Outta site, outta mind.

I decided last night after e-mailing Karen and posting here, that I was putting it away. It’s in my bathroom closet. I went in last night to potty and was *this close* to jumping on (yes, I have my weigh-ins down to a science…I know how long it has to be AFTER I eat that I can weigh myself at night, and I take 2 lbs. off of my nightly weight and that is what weight I will be first thing in the morning after going potty…how PATHETIC am I??? At least now, you truly know the obsession I have with my scale and WHY it needed to be banished). But I didn’t get on. I picked up the scale, headed to the closet, all the while it was clawing and pleading with me not to do it…but I resisted. I tucked it in and shut the door. Never thought about it again until this morning.

I got up this morning, went into the bathroom, did my thing, then, as routine as it always is, I went to kick the button on the scale that turns it on, and low and behold, my foot didn’t touch a thing. At first it was a HUGE shock to my system…then after the heart palpitations slowed, I smiled at myself DANG good thing I put it away last night, because I NEVER would have been able to pass on the temptation to step my butt up on it.

So, today is day #1 of not weighing in. It truly does feel really good to know I have one week of being in suspense as to how the scale will read next week. I remember that excitement mixed with the unknowing dread that would come upon me as I headed to my Weight Watchers meeting. Maybe this is just the thing I needed to get things shaken up a bit and motivate me even more. I won’t have a small gain to discourage me, and this ‘light’ feeling I have already today will be the motivator to make me keep doing my best so that I can see the best result possible by Monday morning.

So, people, c’mon…make YOUR scales cry, plead, and beg you and shove em in the closet. Too many of those I’m reading lately are struggling with the numbers…let’s end this obsession!!!

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By Lisa
On 09.19.05
At 1:00 pm
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Gina Says:

Way to go girl!! Don’t let that scale get the better of you!! I know you can do this and what fun it will be on weigh in day!

Jenn K Says:

OMG Did I read this post right?!?!! You HID the scale?!?! WHO’S POSTING ON LISA’S BLOG?!?!?!! hehehehe I’m SOOOO proud of you for doing that!! YOU ROCK!

Love ya!


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