Hey ladies (and any gents)…

Lack of posting is to be blamed on:

1. We are in the process of buidling a monsterous sized garage for my parents. When I say ‘we’, yes, I mean Clint and I. Well, Clint more than ‘I’, but because he’s there every waking moment when he’s not at work, I am either there helping, or here at home busting balls that already don’t exist, to keep up with the house, animals, kids, laundry, and of course, work. But the building is awesome. Still alot of work to do, but that has been a big priority here for the past few weeks. I will post a picture of it soon as I can. On top of it all, we’ve all been sick with the sore throat, sinus thing, sick to your stomach pretty much 24/7 for the last few days.

So, I guess I really didn’t need to number that, because:

1. hahah…kidding…

but I really didn’t because I told you everything that has kept me from here in that one paragraph.

What has sucked is the scale isn’t moving. Oh, it goes UP just fine, but I think it’s forgotten HOW to read below 254. It goes up and down a lb. or two, but never below the 254 that I finally had reached at one point. My own fault. Between all that is going on in paragraph #1 I haven’t been the best girl at counting my points. I have been making good choices and small-ish portions, but not being strict and knowing me, forgetting about something I ate earlier in the day is doing me in. It’s ok though, cuz yesterday and today I took control and focused on ME. That is one thing that I’m trying to do lately is focus on ME. Doesn’t get to happen much, but I know I’m worth it I even bought myself a new hair color/highlight kit tonight…I know, I can hear you all now, ‘You mean you’re not a REAL blonde/brown/mixture/of/colors/????’ Fooled ya Feels so good to have new color done…again, for ME

What made my day today was the new season of The Biggest Loser. That, besides Lost, is my FAVORITE show. These people are so inspiring. They are all just like me and you, and prove just what can happen when you give it your all. Of course, they have no worries other than eating right and working out with awesome trainers at every minute of the day, which seems completely attainable by anyone in that environment, but it’s inspiring none-the-less. Love it, LOVE IT…and the one guy that didn’t deserve to be there is gone Great start to the season So, now I wanna go to the site and join the Biggest Loser Club. Yeah, it’s real.

Off to join the club