I wanted to get a few more pictures up here from our Jersey trip There are a couple of the beautiful soon-to-be Miss Bridget also So for those of you who have seen me make mention of her, and seen her comments that have been left, you can put the name to a face now…she’s the ‘gonna-be-my-thither-soon’ girl Here they are

This one is my cousin/best friend Christina and I just before we FINALLY make it to see Bridget…this is the day after the accident when the car is back together and we’re finally back on the road

Here’s me…in the car…tried to take a picture, and guess what?? LOL…all I remember is ‘This thing isn’t taking pictures!!! *FLASH* Here’s the end result

Here are some pictures of Briget Isn’t she beautiful??? She has done amazing herself on following Weight Watchers, and last I knew she was down 20 lbs. I think she’s absolutely adorable

This one is adorable with her bridal shower ‘bonnet’ made out of all of the ribbons and bows from the gifts…CHEERS!!!!

And this one is my favorite of her…great shot on the beach…

We have been building a new garage for my parents, and we’re getting ready now to head over and meet Clint there (Mr. Morning Man *gag*)…he was there at 6:00 a.m. this morning, so I’m packing up the girls now and getting ready for a full day of work I should earn me some great activity points today

Jen…thank you for the awesome comment!!! It makes me smile when people really feel so close to me after just reading here…and I know what you mean, I have people I visit daily and they probably don’t even know, and I feel like I’ve known them for years!!! Thanks so much for the encouragment and confidence in me I guess if it wasn’t a struggle every once in awhile, we’d all be really thin, huh??? Thanks again, that started my day off wonderfully!!! (((HUGS)))