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This is why I hate when I have posted such a downer post…the scale was nice to me this morning…it’s finally showing a LOSS!!! I’m now down to 254 I’ll tell you, one reason I was so down was it showed a gain just a few days ago, and it just wouldn’t budge. I know it was that time of the month again, but geeze…so that’s an official loss of 2.5 lbs. but an unofficial loss of 6 lbs. The scale at one morning was up to 260 again I was flattened. That’s why I had gotten so bummed…but that gain is gone, PLUS 2.5 more…so I’m thrilled this morning and it’s given me new motivation that this CAN be accomplished

Thanks to Jenn for the awesome comment last night and to DS who have told me to hide my scale. I do believe that I’m going to hand the thing over to Clint and have him hide it and only take it out in at least 2 weeks from now…I think that will definitely do me some good…also that will help in the sense that I will HAVE to do good on my eating and exercising, because I will have no idea where I’m at on the scale, so I will have to work harder to make sure there isn’t a gain…
Peggy ~ I’m going to give lowering my tension on Lippy a try…I hadn’t thought that might be the problem…I keep it at 8 all the time…I have been told it was my shoes (got new shoes, didn’t help) so maybe that is the problem…I will find out tonight

Thanks to you all…I can always count on you guys to get me through a rough spot…

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By Lisa
On 08.31.05
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Jenn K Says:

I KNEW IT - you goof!!! That is awesome news and I’m so proud of you!! NOW… hand that scale over to Clint. If it helps, have him put it in HIS car so you can’t get to it or find it during the day LOL!


Melissa Says:

I ditto w/ Jenn…I am so pleased for you!! Good for you for not giving up or into those demons that make you feel so bad.


Bridget the-Soon-to-be Says:

Great idea! Clint should definitely keep the scale in his car. How silly would you feel sneaking out to the car in your nightie to use the scale in the garage or driveway!?! Now THAT would be a problem. "Mommy where are you…" "Nothing Abbie…get to bed!"
And love you too, thanks.

Elizabeth Says:

We don’t hold anything against you for having a "down" entry now and then. I have them too. If all we ever posted was positive things about the diet, NOBODY would believe us… and we wouldn’t be an inspiration for those who are struggling. To inspire and motivate, we have to have our ups and downs too… and just show them that we can get past them! You are a total inspiration to sooooo many of us. Sending you lots and lots of love!

And, CONGRATULATIONS on your successes so far!!! You should be very proud of yourself!!


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