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Thanks for the support guys Elizabeth and Mel ~ Thanks for your posts both of you…I can always count on you two no matter what and I love it…Beth ~ That was the sweetest comment I have ever gotten here…Love you for it!!!

I’m doing MUCH better today…my friend did come to visit…ok…first, there HAS to be some better way to describe the HELL the ‘friend’ puts you through, cuz it ain’t no friend o’ mine…I did good eating today, did 17:39 minutes on Lippy for a total of .840 miles and 370.6 calories burned…not too shabby…did only do that one time today though…getting my butt to bed now and doing it again in the morning and tomorrow night…I’m figuring out to have a good stance on the Lipster so that my foot doesn’t go numb as bad as it used to…it just gets a little tingly now…hopefully that will eventually go away, I’m very envious of people I hear that do 45 minutes easy on their own Lippys…I wanna do that…

This is funny, but I was on hotornot.com tonight…never seen that site before, and was rating people (a very degrading site if you ask me, so I voted EVERYONE really high) but I came across one picture of a girl that has THEE body I want…so I did a screen capture and snagged it…it could be one that I would want to print and have hanging somewhere to keep my focus on the goal…not sure if I should put it here as it’s someone’s personal photo (although I did crop off the head), but still not sure if I should post it or not…

Well, I’m off to bed, feeling much better, and very appreciative of friends and awesome family (love you Bridge)…night ya’ll !!!

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By Lisa
On 08.29.05
At 10:53 pm
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Peggy Says:

Maybe you have the tension turned up to high on your machine. Have you called the manufacture to ask for help?

Elizabeth Says:

I think it could be the tension too. Let us know how it goes if you lower it!

I finally got my butt on an elliptical this week and girl, that is the hardest workout I have ever done in my life! LOL I’ll most likely stick to jogging for awhile.


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