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Finally I have pictures!!! I still have a few more that I won’t be posting tonight, but I did want to get these up so you can see a few

First, here is the ocean…soooo beautiful and relaxing…I seriously didn’t want to leave ~

This one if my FAVORITE picture from the entire trip…my cousin is the cutie in the close-up…that’s Christina In the background is me, my mom, my aunt and Bridgette (not in that order in the photo)…I told Christy this should be a bulletin board advertising for Ocean City visitors ~

Here is me at the travel center we went to right after the accident ~

Here are my legs…the ONLY part of my body that I am truly happy with…I was walking on the beach and decided to remove my body from the shot…haha…but here are ‘the legs’… ~

And…here’s something I have been looking ALL OVER for and I found it in Jersey, of all places…it’s always the last place you look ~ (mouse over the photo below to see what I found )

I deeply apologize for the more than obvious tan lines…I wish someone would have told me how much it stood out…hahaha…that shirt is sleeveless as you can see, and in other photos it seriously looks like I have a white t-shirt on under it…freakin hilarious!!!

They aren’t the best photos of me, the one in the travel center, like I said was just after the accident, and the one with the collarbones, I had already had a few to drink, and the legs, well, the entire body/head thing is just…well, not there…but you get the picture…(no pun intended)… So that’s it for tonight…I hope these show up big enough, if not, I will work on resizing them soon…night!!!

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By Lisa
On 08.21.05
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Elizabeth Says:

You are sooooo pretty!!! Thanks for letting us see the pictures! I love them! And, you have GREAT legs

Thanks for the comment btw ~ and for sending the package for Noemi! She is going to love you to pieces for it!!! HUGS

karen Says:

i agree with elizabeth!!!!! cant wait for the other pictures!! glad you guys were all ok and had a great time! karen

Jenn K Says:

WHOHOOOO Look at them LEGS!! hehehe

You look fabulous girly I see a new found confidence in you and I love it

Bridget the Soon-to-Be Says:

Praise the collarbone! Haha! Lisa, you look incredible and being able to spend some time at the Shore was special beyond words. I can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures!
Love & Miss You!

Jen Says:

Those are great pics…… Your a hottie with great legs!!!

Melissa Says:

You look fabulous darling…whoo hoo on the collarbone to boot. Thanks for sharing your trip with us…its funny to see the pictures of the ocean because they look just like Lake Michigan to me just not salty. haha

Hugs, Mel

Bridget Says:

You look all of your 23 years!
Love you!!!

Christy-tina Says:

Happy Birthday to you!!! I LOVE you so much! And I love that we look so much alike, cause that means that all those compliments your friends gave you can be applied to me too … ;) Just kiddin my dear, I love you so much, and I hope you had a wonderful birthday! It must be nice to be 23 again … ;)

Aunt Susie Says:

Hey Honey-Bunny!! I hope your birthday was a very special day for you. You are doing such an awesome job on yourself Lisa. The pictures show it. Keep up the great work. Love you lots,
Aunt Susie

mary Says:

you have to visit msjayme.com

shes very inspirational

Elizabeth Says:

Hey Girly!!! Got your package last night Brought it downstairs and had a talk with my neighbor, showing her how to use everything. She was in tears, she was sooooo grateful!! You are the SWEETEST!! Thank you so much You made Noemi’s day (though I think more her life if she sticks with it)!! HUGGGGGSSS!!

Are you sure I can’t pay for shipping?

Kim Says:

Hi Lisa,
Love the pictures:) You look so GREAT!!! I just Love your web site. I have been reading it for a long time now, It keeps me motivated. I would Love to exchange links with you. If you are interested let me know:)
Kim @ http://maintenancemomma.com

Angie Says:

Ok, these are the first pictures I’ve ever seen of you, and I have to say… You look AMAZING! Not at all what I expected from your stat box. Either you’re aiming too low, or lying about how much you actually weigh. =D

The bike ride sounds divine. NE Ohio is so beautiful for outside… must get me a bike.


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