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Sorry for the delay…

Sorry for not posting about my weekend as of yet…I’m waiting for my cousin that went with us to send me pictures so I can post them as I tell the story…LOL…I promise it will be very soon!

I did, however, manage to gain 2 lbs. over the weekend…I was very good on my points and watched what I ate, but I do believe that sitting in a car for an 8 hour drive on Friday and again on Sunday plus alot of hotel sitting and waiting is what did it to me…no activity / exercise involved…but good news is, it’s already gone

Ann ~ I got your comment and I did re-check my points values on my chart and they are correct. I just received the newest books about 2 months ago if that, and they are the same as my charts…so I’m assuming they are the newest numbers if something did change…I didn’t know they changed…hopefully this helps you! Wonder what version books your friend has??? Good luck to you!!!

That’s it for now…I promise to post the whole weekend (including a very scary accident we had…we’re all fine, so don’t worry:) ) as soon as the pictured get to me in my e-mail

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By Lisa
On 08.17.05
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ann Says:

Thanks Lisa!! It helps alot. I’m guessing my friend must have a old book. Yeah, I was shocked to find out that they revised the books too but I just wanted to make sure that I followed the point system as close as possible. I would have been so upset if I wasn’t losing weight and excercising daily b/c I wasn’t consuming enough points. I am just glad that I found your site. I’m very proud of what you have accomplished!! Thanks for responding and I need all the luck I can get!!! I Have lots of stress right now. Keep up the good work and stay motivated and a motivator. Talk to you soon-Ann


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