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!!!!! TODAY !!!!!

I can’t believe it’s here…we leave in approximately 3-1/2 hours for the girls weekend I have never been any further east than Syracuse, NY so this is gonna be an experience to me

So far the tips I have been given include: be up early enough Saturday morning to watch the sunrise over the ocean..there’s nothing better; don’t drink too much the first night so that you can still drink the 2nd night; and we were also told, “I don’t think the ocean is ready for the 4 of you”…LOL…people know us too well…

Have a great weekend everyone!! I’m off to JOISY!!!

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By Lisa
On 08.12.05
At 12:44 pm
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Elizabeth Says:

Ooooohhhh I’m so jealous!! I wanna come!! HAVE FUN, girls!! It is going to be a blast being just the girls… no men, no kids. Just girls! Now, stay out of trouble ;)


Melissa Says:

Have a fantastic trip Lisa…it does sound like a fun girls weekend. Be sure to let us know how it went ASAP.

Hugs, Mel


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