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Girls Weekend!!!

First for the really good news You may have seen my latest comments from my previous post that included one from Bridget, my soon to be sister-in-law Anywho, I am leaving Friday around 4:00 p.m. for a GIRLS WEEKEND!!! Bridget and my brother Laddie are getting married in October, in NJ…and my mom and I are heading there this weekend for the bridal shower/bachelorette party No kids, no husbands, just the girls!!!! SO excited I am going to do my best to make the best food choices. I have no idea what to expect for food, but I do know there will be alcohol later on Saturday night…so there’s my points for the day for sure…

Now for an awesome food find. I was at Wal-mart this past week and looking at Smart ones frozen meals. I like to have one or two over a two week time for the days I’m running late and can just grab it for lunch. So, anyways, we’re looking at the frozen meals and Clint was like, ‘You should try these ones…my boss brings them in all the time and his wife is doing WW also’…so when I look at them, they have the Points values already on them and everything. They are Michelina’s Lean Gourmet frozen meals. They have the points printed right on the front…they say ‘6 points* as calculated by Michelina’s’…wanna hear the best part???? Unlike the Smart ones meals that are almost always $2.00-$3.00 each, these are ALL $1.08 !!!! ONE dollar. Uno. One. I was so excited I bought 10. All different flavors, all like 6 points and under, one even being just 2 points. And they are SO good! Today I had the Creamy Parmesan Chicken and it was awesome. I had a sirloin one yesterday and a shrimp one on Monday. They are so inexpensive for my lunches and they make it so easy for me to grab and go in the morning and they are SO yummy!!! Check them out!!!

One more thing, to Miss Bridgette….CONGRATULATIONS!!! She has now lost 18 lbs. following WW You are doing so great and I’m sooo excited for you!!!! She’s going to make the most beautiful bride And, you know, you are going to have to have your dress altered come October after all the weight loss!! And you still have 2 months left You’re going to be so beautiful, I can’t wait…and I can’t wait to see you this weekend!!!! I’M GONNA HAVE A SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (See what this poor girl is getting herself into?!?!?!?)

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On 08.10.05
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karen Says:

lisa- you are sooo sweet welcoming in your new sister in law this way!!! you to are going to look sooo beautiful at the wedding! have a great weeekend! karen

Tammy Says:

I will agree those meals are so AWESOME!!!!! I eat them all the time and sometimes I even find them on sale at my local grocery store for $1 and really stock up! Haven’t had one yet I didn’t like! Good luck Lisa you are doing great! I LOVE reading your site!!!! Have a great week-end with the girls!

Bridget, the Soon-to-be Sister-in-Law Says:

Lisa! You make me feel great (my eyes are leaking…) I’ll have to take a look for those frozen meals. One I’m addicted to is Amy’s Kitchen Organic Spinach Pocket. It’s vegan (though I’m not) and tastes just like Spanikopada (sp?) w/out the cheese & high calories. Around 5 points.
I have requested that some "reasonable" food be provided this weekend. There will be 4 of us counting points, that I know of.
Thanks so much for the kind words…YOU’RE the one that’s beautiful…forget GOING to be! SEE YOU SOON!!!

Jen Says:

Wow, I am so proud of both of you. You will both look beautiful at the wedding. You will have to post pictures for all of us to see. I havent seen those meals at Walmart, I am definately going to look for them (tonight). I am from Canada though, Im sure they will still have them, maybe they will just be a bit more money, but oh well!
I am going to Vegas and California, leaving Sept 17. Should be a great motivator to lose some weight. I am worried about needing a seat belt extension. How big do you have to be in order to need one of those. I dont want to be humiliated. Anyway good luck to everyone on there weight loss journey!!!!

Elizabeth Says:

Awwwwww!! Congrats to Bridget first And, then congrats to Lisa for getting a sister!! Maybe they’re more fun when they aren’t blood (hahahaha).

And, I LOVE Michelinas!! I eat those meals all the time. Only, I jump back and forth between all the brands depending on my grocery budget and what looks good. Jason hates walking down that aisle with me because it takes me 15 minutes planning my meals while he’s at work

Glad you enjoy them!! I don’t know what the points are because I haven’t had this one kind in a few weeks but I LOVE the Szechuan meal



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