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Mirrors suck…

2nd post for today…had to get this out…I think my mirrors at home are broken. Or at least it should be mandatory for mirrors that are in my house to be labeled with the phrase ‘Objects in mirror are actually larger than they appear

We went to Wal-mart tonight…we are potty training Megan right now, so of course we get to Wal-mart and her and I head to the potty. We go in, she does her thing, and we head to wash our hands…all is fine. Then…THEN…I go to the opposite side of the bathroom, across from the sink and mirrors and see the HORRIFIC backsize of me in FULL VIEW. No, I didn’t forget to pull up my pants, it was my back-end in all it’s glory. Then I turned myself around, thinking, it’s just the way I’m standing, NOPE…it was ME. I faced the mirror, tried to re-arrange my clothes so everything laid nicely. DANG!! I HATED what I saw. Now, at home, I feel comfortable…not happy with myself, but comfortable enough to not feel nasty when I head out. After all I’m down close to 40 lbs. at this point. But not now. I feel as big as I was when I was almost 300 lbs. Sucks.

BUT!! One good thing is, although I feel comfortable here in my mirror, that image of myself in the wal-mart mirror is now permanently burned into my brain to the point where I KNOW I cannot slack off because I feel comfortable and have this neurotic thought in my head that ‘I’m not THAT big’…yeah right…now I really have the motivation to get my butt in gear…literally.

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By Lisa
On 06.22.05
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Tiffany Says:

Yea, tell me about those store mirrors. My husband and I went shopping for some clothes (I make him go so he can tell me what he likes). In Debs, everything he said was fine looked terrible in the mirrors.

In the dressing room I just wanted to cry, the mirrors make me look worse fully clothed than I look in a swimsuit at home. I appeared larger and even more pale than what I think I really am. I thought store mirrors were supposed to be flattering to make you buy things that look terrible when you get them home?!

I’ve decided the best course of action in this case is to not look, just take his word on it. I do know that if I ever lose enough weight to look even average in those mirrors than I must really be smoking hot thin. Keep your chin up, MIRRORS DO LIE!

DS Says:

Mirrors are awful! And yes they do lie.

Did you have a chance to read over the Core program in the WW books?

Elizabeth Says:

Oh, you’re right. Mirrors suck! I have that problem too. I think in my mind that I look great. I’ll walk around the store and feel beautiful in a new outfit or something and as soon as I pass a mirror, I want to scream. Who is that woman looking back at me? She’s not a size 4 like I’d imagined at all!!

At least it’s motivation!! You’re doing so great!!! BTW, changed my site decor again LMAO. But, this one, I’m sticking with I think. I got jealous of everyone’s inline frames so I built one of my own LOL. Hugs!!

Hope today goes okay!!

meagen Says:

this is not weight loss related but i hope you will reply to me via email regardless…
i recently learned how to, and have started to make blinkies and today i made a rack. when i post my rack and my blinkie together, there is significant space between the bottom of one blink and the top of the next. is there any way i can fix this? i need to fix it so i can display them into my blog. pleeeease help.
by the way, congrats on being 31% to goal (i saw on left) and your blinks are so cute!! i checked them out as well!


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