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Another great day :)

Filled my points PERFECTLY again 28/28, earned 4 AP’s with a mile and a half walk at work today, only got in 60 oz. of water, but better than nothing

Elizabeth is trying not to weigh in but once per week for a challenge she’s doing (http://www.minibite.com/zack/diva/) so I’m going to try and do the same…get that awesome feeling of seeing how I did after a full week of not weighing in…I know it’s gonna kill me, as my feet are pretty much permanently attached to the dang thing, but that waiting to see how I did may even stop the discouragement that happens sometimes when there is that odd day when it’s up a tad for no reason…not weighing in may be the kind of ‘wait 9 months to see if it’s a boy or a girl’ kind of anxiousness…who knows…ok…well, maybe not THAT wonderful of an anxious ‘wait and see’ kinda thing, but you get my drift.

Speaking of Elizabeth…please click the link I just posted ^up there^ and check out her site She’s such an amazing cheerleader and support for me lately…I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know her recently…and her site is adorable

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By Lisa
On 06.22.05
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Elizabeth Says:

Thanks for the shoutout And, good luck with the not weighing thing! It sucks!!

I was just told I need to weigh once before Friday so I get to weigh tonight before bed (I weigh less at night and I have no idea why) and I’m SOOOOO EXCITED!! I’ve missed my scale!

Melissa Says:

I have been there before, even now that I have lost over 60 lbs the mirrors in the store make me feel like hiding under a rock. I think we do feel more comfortable at home…in our comfort zone. I am glad you are still so determined and I am rooting for you too.

Hugs, Mel


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