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Challenge Day #7, and the day after, and the day after that…

Sorry I have been out of commission here…I was literally out of commission here at home. Challenge Day #7 was Father’s Day. I didn’t have my normal daily menu, but I did stay within my points, even able to have a little apple pie & a little vanilla ice cream on top. It was YUMMY but OH SO sweet. I’m not used to that anymore…so a small piece did me just fine. During the day that day I fell asleep at 1:30 p.m. I never take naps…well, I slept for 3 HOURS!!! I should have known something was up then. Then that evening, I got on Lippy as usual, and my normal time on her is 15-20 minutes. I didn’t even make it a full 6 minutes and I was completely tired and weak. I couldn’t even do it!! I tried everything to keep going, mentally and physically and just could NOT. I got into bed that night, slept all night, and woke up at 5:30 a.m. going to try Lippy again and felt very lightheaded, so I got a shower instead and soon as I got out of the shower, the throwing up started Ended up throwing up 3 times yesterday morning, slept most of the day (not soundly, but off and on because of the girls being there with me), and today I’m still a bit tired, but feel 100% better! I got some sort of 24 hour bug…knocked me right down!!

As for the Challenge totals, I started the challenge at 264. By Sunday morning I was 260. I was REALLY hoping to be in the 250’s by Sunday, but 4 lbs. was an awesome loss. Well, as of Monday morning, sick and all, I was back up 3 lbs. So I know it was a fluke thing and am not even thinking about that at all…I sticking with my 4 lb. loss that showed on Sunday morning, because I know the gain was from being sick…and I haven’t even beaten myself up over it…I didn’t eat hardly anything yesterday, the scale was down to 262 this morning, so I AM going to PUSH for 250-something by Week’s end. Having something to shoot for daily and by week’s end has really been helping me stick to it all…the challenge is exactly what I needed to see that I CAN do this if I just stick to it!!!

So, that’s my past few days…Today is my official Challenge Day #1 of week #2 I wanna pull through another full week and see where it leads me

Thank you for all of the comments that you all have left me in the past few days…you all sound like you are doing so well!!!

Mel ~ CONGRATULATIONS on your loss and numbers this week!!!! I”m so happy for you! I cannot WAIT to see those numbers myself…seems like a dream that won’t ever happen at this point, but damn if I’m not gonna do it

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Jenn K Says:

AWESOME loss sweets! I knew you would be great! I’m sorry about your sickies though I’m happy for you though that you are doing dang well! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!! Love ya!

Elizabeth Says:

Awwww! Glad you’re feeling better! Yeah, that was just a fluke. Don’t count that at all where your challenge is concerned! Congrats on 4lbs!! That was my loss last week too!! Let’s keep motivating each other and maybe we’ll stay neck and neck haha Glad you’re feeling better!! Hugs!

Melissa Says:

Thanks Lisa…I am pretty stoked to hold on to it. I am hoping for 1 more lb loss by this Friday when I update my measurements and weight for month end totals.

4 Pounds is awesome girl..I am proud of you. It sucks that you got sick though but I am sure that once you are feeling better it will disapear…most likely its fluid anyways Lord knows you couldn’t have been eating during that time. yuck!

I just came by for an update and give ya some hugs..sounds like you needed them the other day.



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