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Challenge Day #6

Another quick update…today was awesome…I LOVE having family over…most of them I didn’t even know, so it was great getting to know everyone

I stuck with my plan for eating and didn’t budge from it…didn’t even GLANCE at the desserts that were brought in and sitting on the table. I got the girls fed, helped Clint with the grilled food, and made sure everyone was fed, then snuck inside and got my chicken sausage thing that I had gotten for myself and made it (Clint had grilled it for me)…I added a little ketchup and relish on my lite bun, all for 3 points and got 1/2 C. of vegetarian baked beans for 2 more points and a glass of my Crystal Light Raspberry Tea and headed back out with the crowd to eat, no one suspecting my food was any different from theirs…I feel uncomfortable when people ask me ‘Why aren’t you having we WE’RE having???’ or something to that effect, and usually ‘Because I can’t have it’ doesn’t suffice, and I hate having to say out loud that I need to lose weight, or that it’s because I don’t know points, you get the idea…so I got my food all done quietly and enjoyed

The ‘hot dog’ I had gotten for myself is actually called a ‘chicken sausage’, but has no pork…how’s all that for confusing??? It’s made by Casual Gourmet (http://www.cgfoods.com/) and they are Spinach & Asiago Cheese Chicken Sausages. Found them at Sam’s Club. They are 100 cal. each and 4.5 fat, no fiber. Works out to 2 pts. each and SO yummy!!!! I absolutely LOVED them I had enough points to have my meal, then about 6:00 p.m. I had one more chicken sausage on a bun to fill my points and still be done eating by 6:00 p.m. Nothing but water and Crystal Light since

Scale is down today I was SO excited…I won’t post an official weigh-in though until sometime on Monday because I have actually gotten through and succeeded for 7 WHOLE DAYS!!! So I’m waiting to see the final result on Monday from a week of working out and eating right Even if there wasn’t a loss, I’m so proud of myself for sticking with the plan and working out every single day

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Elizabeth Says:

That’s great, Lisa!!! Good work! I’m going to have to find those sausages!

Melissa Says:

Lisa…that is absolutely fantastic. I am so proud of you for getting thru that with flying colors! Its a great satisfying feeling!

Thanks for stopping by…I can’t wait to see your weigh-in on Monday.

Hugs, Mel

Mary Says:

Lisa: You seem to be going 19 to the dozen–congratulations! After you reach your goal, here’s how to keep from regaining any weight, without having to do a maintenance diet.

Every other day, for 21 consecutive days, eat EXACTLY HALF what you normally eat. If you usually have a sandwich and a bowl of soup for lunch, have half a sandwich and half a bowl of soup. Whatever you usually have for a snack, have half of it. Do this with all your other meals and snacks, every other day, for 21 consecutive days (not 19, not 20–21). From Day 22 on, drop the "half" day. Let me know what changes you notice in your daily life. All the best…..Mary

Elizabeth Says:

Hey, Girl! How did your challenge go??


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