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It CAME!!! My new home kit from WW is here I’m SO tickled with it The pedometer rocks !!! By far my favorite I have ever owned I kicked @$$ today working out and eating and got in an amazing amount of water (and had MANY trips to the potty)…

An earlier post is below, and I updated my Challenge page with todays details!!! At the risk of jinxing myself, I’m feeling so pumped once again…I’m LOVING this feeling…it’s like a natural high…yeah, THAT’S what I need…a high…ya’ll that know me, KNOW that could get ugly…but it’s a GREAT thing

I’m going to head to bed…hope you all are feeling this great also!!!!! Nighty-night!!!

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By Lisa
On 06.16.05
At 11:04 pm
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Melissa Says:

Good afternoon Lisa..sounds like your challenge is going really well! Your new kit sounds like a good way to revitalize your eating plan too. Have a fabulous weekend!

Elizabeth Says:

Waiting to see how today’s going for you I hope you’re doing well!!


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