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Challenge Day #4 - going great :)

I never got a chance to get my page updated last night with Challenge day #3 info…I will do that tonight along with todays Day #4. I filled my points yesterday, got in about 72 oz. of water, but didn’t get any intentional exercise at all unless you count some pretty busy housework. The old ‘I suck at being a morning person’ me kicked in yesterday and slept till the very last possible minute…it happens…I’m not beating myself up over it…I was very busy last night getting our house ready for company we’re having on Saturday…a house full of company, I can’t wait I love having all of our family over So I worked on that till late also and didn’t get on Lippy.

Day #4 - today - seems it’s off to another great start. It is not quite 10:00 a.m. and I have had 24 oz. of water already, did 15 minutes on Lippy this morning (just over 300 calories) and had just under 1/2 of a cantaloupe so far. Lookin good

And…AND!!!! My new NEW NEWWWWW Weight Watcher Home Kit that I ordered this past Saturday is due to be waiting for me at my house when I get home TODAY I’m SO excited!!! All of my WW materials are from 2001. My electronic calculator is about the only thing not quite 5 years old…LOL…I’m SO excited to get my new kit…has a new pedometer and everything YEEHAAAAWWWW Plus I can now check out the ‘Core’ program also…I haven’t ever seen any of the official info on that…just what’s been swimming around the ‘net, so that is gonna be cool too

I will update later on again with all of yesterday and todays numbers Have a great one!!

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On 06.16.05
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Jen Says:

Congrats on your weight loss so far! Very cute website!


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