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Downward Scale :) :)

Downward Scale Those are some NICE words huh?? LOL…My scale is FINALLY on the descend today Down one pound…one more to go and I’m back where I was…LOL..it’s not ‘official’ till tomorrow…possibly tonight…I’m not sure what meeting I will be going to yet…so I may have an update tonight…I just dread going when I have TOM though Oh well, take the beating, and get on with it right?? LOL

I need to have some pictures taken of me and get them on here…there HAS to be a difference in the pictures by now…maybe I will be able to see the difference more when I have something to compare it to…so I will try and get that here soon

A new goal of mine, starting TODAY, is EXERCISE!!!! I have done practically NOTHING in the ways of exercise and I need to get on it. Not only will it help my losses, but I seem to be losing rather quickly at the moment, and I am going to regret all the loose skin, I’m afraid, if I don’t keep myself toned as I lose…so, I am going to do at LEAST 1 mile a day on the treadmill (usually only takes me about 15 minutes) and weight lifting (which I LOVE) at least 3 days a week…I get so much more energy when I keep myself moving…instead of planting my butt here…LOL…

Speaking of…hee hee…I have to get some house cleaning done, and laundry, and head to the store sometime soon…so until next time…Good luck and God bless!!!

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By Lisa
On 12.30.02
At 12:57 pm
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Mary Says:

Your doing great! I am 24, about the same height and weight, so I check up on your site almost everyday for a little encouragement. Thanks alot.

Milenka Says:

I hear ya! No one wants all that loose skin! Maybe the mental picture will get us BOTH up off our booties and working out! ;-)


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