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Today I gave blood…for the first time in 15 years. I was a senior in high school the last time I had given blood. Not that I haven’t wanted to do it again, just never have. Today I did. My one pint of blood can save up to 3 lives. How COOL is that?!?! Doesn’t get much cooler.

Another plus of giving blood? Scale is friendlier. Too bad you can’t do it daily.

I have been getting frustrated the past couple of weeks because I’m at a stand still…this morning I woke up to 3 lbs. lighter and yet tonight I’m down another from this morning. And it’s ‘my time’ of the month…no WONDER it was up for the past week. You would think, me being FEMALE and all, I would REMEMBER this each month when I see the scale go up or stay still and my jeans feel not-s0-comfy, that it’s THAT TIME…I mean it’s only been happening since I was 12?!?!? Yeah, 20 years of this monthly crap, and I STILL freak and don’t remember why the scale would stay still…could be the polish in me…who knows

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By Lisa
On 04.27.05
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Melissa Says:

Ok..so other than giving blood what have you done differently? Did you start cutting out the processed things and sugar etc? I know you were very frustrated..I am so glad its starting to go down again.

Hugs, Mel

Melissa Says:

Oh and while I am thinking about it..could you please change the url to my link in your reads. Pretty please…;o) I am not at Blogspot anymore. lol


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