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Easy day

Not a whole lot to report today. I am doing awesome with my points and just need to get my butt back on Lippy.

We’re ordering pizza tonight. Domino’s pizza. Their thin crust is THEE best. I get a thin crust pizza with garlic sauce instead of pizza sauce and tomatoes and mushrooms for toppings. It’s 3 points for 1/8 of the pizza. Tonight I have plenty of points that I can actually have 2/3 of the pizza Thin crust is so not filling, it’s not like eating 2/3 of a regular pizza. Especially theirs, I haven’t found a pizza place YET that has crust as thin and crunchy as Domino’s It’s yummy…

As for the ’secret’ I am doing, I haven’t talked about it at all yet, but within the next week I will, even though I don’t think I’m going to see the results I was shooting for. We’ll see

I have been struggling lately with what I can do to get my weight loss rolling again, and I always seem to come back to JOURNALING…duh…so that’s it for me…journaling & Lippy…how can I go wrong???

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By Lisa
On 04.25.05
At 4:38 pm
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Melissa Says:

Oh yummm Pizza….have a delicious dinner!! I didn’t have much of an appetite tonight…have a head ache so I had a tbsp of Peanut butter and a cup of warm tea. I think its the weather getting to me…I wish it would make up its mind..its either WINTER or its Spring ya know?

It does always seem to come back to the question of whether or not we are journalling every bite when WL gets waylaid…I think it will make a huge difference and make you more diligent with your daily intake.

Have a good night~Mel


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