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I weighed in this morning, and I’m a perfect maintain, yet again. HOW?? Maybe Mel’s right…I’m not eating enough…I also haven’t been journaling at all…and that is a definitely HAVE TO DO kinda thing. So I cracked open my journal, clicked my pen, and got to it first thing this morning…every bite will be tracked, and maybe that will possibly tell me where my stalling is coming from.

Have a new food find that is completely awesome and low in points ;) It’s ice cream…my one downfall…It’s Breyer’s brand, and it’s called Heart Smart. It is 98% FF, no sugar added, and works out to 1 point per 1/2 cup. It’s really high in fiber for ice cream which helps the points, but it is completely awesome. I got the Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavor (Hey, I’ve had to give up S:blush:X for almost 4 weeks, I deserve SOMETHING…) and it is the perfect fix to a sweet craving and so low in points!

Gonna get busy on the house today…do the little things I couldn’t keep up on during the week. My mom is finally back from vacation, so my work hours will be back to normal which will give me about 2 extra hours each night to get a few more things done

Clint called me yesterday and told me that he got a call from a guy at the plant he’s at and was checking on how he’s coping being away from home and all by himself, then asked how me and the girls were coping. The guy told Clint to have me pick a great place for dinner (I’m SOOOO thinking Red Lobster) and take the girls AND my parents out for dinner, keep the receipt and they will reimburse us immediately. He told him that I need some time away from all the stress and go and relax and treat myself also…how awesome is that?!?!?! I was floored…so I can’t wait till then

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Melissa Says:

Awe that is so sweet…I would love to go to Red Lobster. lol My husband refuses to take me anymore because its cheaper for him to prepare a Lobster or Crab legs at home for me. I can’t complain though, I usually get it 3-4 times a year. lol

I am so glad you are going to start journalling your food again..I think that is key when you hit a snag and don’t know why.

My mom was losing really slowly too and we are doing the same thing but she just couldn’t figure out the deal. She came up for a weekend and ate what I ate and she lost 1lb before leaving and we have figured that she just wasn’t eating enough during her day. She has started to implement more snacks…and because we are on Atkins they are more geared towards protien and fat and low carb veggies. Its made a huge difference and she wanted me to tell you that because I told her about your problem…she lost 3 lbs this week. )

Good luck this week sweetie…
Hugs, Mel

Jen Says:

A few weeks back you mentioned that you were trying something new and were going to update us on how it worked out. I was wondering if you had updated and maybe i missed it or if it didnt pan out! I dont think I missed it becuase I am here daily checkin on your updates. If you can let me know that would be great! That is very exciting about the dinner, you really deserve it, you have taken on alot with your husband gone. I was also thinking that a day at the spa would be nice to !! Anyway i will be looking for the update!


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