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Well, I found the answer to WHY my scale is up about 2 lbs. I have started my period…LOL (sorry to any men that read this by chance!!! hee hee)…I am breastfeeding exclusively, and yet, I have gotten my first period. Now, when I wasn’t pregnant, I wouldn’t have a period for anything when it was supposed to (thank you PCOS…) and now that it’s NOT supposed to have one, it does…my body is wacko I swear…

Anyways, I have been feeling kinda ‘defeated’ or losing the battle again, after just 2 stupid pounds…I know, insane…but it really discourages me when I see a gain, and I feel like ‘what’s the point, I’m blowing it anyways’, and then I could care less if I stay in my range…luckily it’s only about a days’ worth of negativity, then, like I posted yesterday, I start feeling positive again, and now I have the answer! My monthly friend…which really should NOT call herself a friend…she doesn’t do ME any good! LOL…

I have found a new wonderful point filler also…and not very high points even PISTACHIOS!!!!!!!!! I’m hooked…they are only 1 point per 10 nuts…not too shabby…so I usually have been having 40 of them for 4 points…that’s not a bad snack at all…and YUMMY, and a good way to get protein in (I think) since I’m not a big meat eater…

What else…hmmm…always seems like I have a head full of ‘topics’ until I sit here to type…

Well, I guess my mind has run empty (something that happens a little too often, I must admit!! hahahaha)….so I’m going to go for now…

I hope you all are doing well on your own journeys and challenges…Good luck to you! and God Bless!!

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By Lisa
On 12.29.02
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Milenka Says:

"PCOS is our friend."

Okay, so that’s a lie…it’s Satan!


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