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MUCH better today

Last night and today have been SO much better and no more soreness…I must have really done some damage with the pain being so bad and lingering for so long…crazy!!!

I spent tonight grouting a new hearth that we built in the living room. We bought a Pellet Stove about a month ago while they were on sale, and are now working on getting it installed. So, the hearth is now done and adorable and my hands are dry and stiff Kinda did a number on my skin…I will post pictures when we have it in

Doing AWESOME on my eating again…FEELING so much better again about it all…especially today when I put on a XL shirt and it FIT and LOOKS good on!!! That’s right only ONE ‘X’ in the size I am actually more comfortable with my body now too…my hips and stomach still suck, but down my sides to my waist and my legs I’m VERY happy with the changes…

So, tomorrow is weigh-in and I’m sure there will be a loss, but I’m not going to say how much *yet* because I don’t want to jinx myself…LOL…so, I will post again tomorrow night after I get back It won’t be till late though, because I am doing the gym right after meeting, and come to find out, our Subway has brought back ‘Two For Tuesday’!!! So that’s what we’re doing for dinner tomorrow…I haven’t had Subway in MONTHS because they got rid of *TFT* and I got mad…hahahha…so now it’s back and SO AM I

Til tomorrow ;)

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By Lisa
On 09.29.03
At 10:40 pm
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Pam Says:

What’s TFT ?

Candi Says:

Good Luck with your weigh in Lisa!!! You amaze me I haven’t been keeping up with my weight loss blog. Just too busy I guess. I have been holding my own these past few weeks. I can’t seem to lose anymore. Maybe if I got off my butt and exercised??? LoL
Have a great week and lots of luck!

Debs Says:

Good luck with your weigh in tonight!!

Julie Says:

Hi Lisa Glad you’re feeling better from your workout.

Congrats on going down in shirt size. Feels really good doesn’t it?

Good luck with weigh in tonight!!

Mitzi Says:

Good Luck on you weigh in tonight.


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