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You don’t even understand how BAD I hurt. I haven’t been able to hardly WALK after Tuesday nights’ Elliptical BUTT-KICKING!!! I can’t hardly get down to sit on the potty, and getting up is an even bigger joke. The entire front of the tops of my legs are hurt SO badly. I truly overdid it. I have never felt muscle pain like this. Stairs?!?!?! They are a COMPLETE joke…one step at a time…*ouching* each step…I can sit with my legs out-stretched and I can stand for awhile, but then the sore muscles get tired and I have to groan and grimace while I try and sit again…hahahaha…it IS kinda funny, but it’s SOOOO painful…I will NEVER do that machine for that long again, but I WILL do it again. I want to MASTER that stupid thing for causing me all this pain. It will NOT snicker at ME when I walk through those doors next time (Well, maybe it will a LITTLE). All of this after just 3 freakin minutes on that stupid thing.

I did, however, manage to walk one mile today. I was bummed that I couldn’t handle the full 2 miles that I normally do, but one mile was enough for these poor legs…they were really weak. I just figured, I can’t sit around on my butt waiting for the pain to go away, so I figured if I walked it may loosen up the muscles a bit.

Today is DEFINITELY better than yesterday…yesterday I could barely even walk …*Do I hear violins playing?!?!?!*

Other than that, I’m doing really well. Today was Clint’s birthday, and last night we ’surprise’ celebrated at our friends house, and I did have a small piece of cake and a little ice cream. Oh well. No biggie…I’m doing awesome again today, and most definitely am determined to show a loss this week. No matter how small it may be. It’s gonna be a LOSS.

OH!!! and we were at my parents house tonight and I haven’t seen my dad in…oh a week I think…and tonight he commented on how he could really see a difference in my face again! I just LOVE comments like that…it happened at my cousin’s house last week too…some friends were there that we haven’t seen and one of them asked me if I was still losing weight, and that he could really see it in my face What better motivation could there be????

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By Lisa
On 09.26.03
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Mitzi Says:

Hi there just stopping by to visit and see how the weight loss is going. Sorry you are so sore but you are right getting up and doing something will help the soreness. Keep up the great progress and great attitude.

Pam Says:

I "asked Jeeves" for WW recipes and he sent me to your site. I have just been happily wandering aimlessly and found the side by side pictures of your face. Not only did you lose 50 pounds I would say you lost about 15 years. You go girl!


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