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Weigh-In Day

Well…I didn’t weigh…I have been at a maintain all week and really wasn’t wanting to go in…weigh…be ‘blah’ about a 2 week maintain…so I didn’t weigh…I know…I suck…

But…the Community Center where the meetings are held also has a gym, so while the meeting was going on, and for an hour AFTER the meeting was over, I was working out in the gym I earned myself 11 Activity points So, just so you know, I’m NOT quitting, it was just one week that I didn’t want to weigh…

I’m back on track and feeling great about that…I hate the days when you go overboard and you feel SO miserable…and I can see a difference when I have days like that and overeat…and I didn’t even indulge as I would have before starting weight watchers…and even so, I felt like I wanted to throw up from all the food and crap that I ate…just that couple of days…what a difference, and I realized that I never realized I hadn’t had that feeling in a LONG time…I HATED that feeling…so, lesson learned, and I’m back on track…

Workout tonight - I *tried* the Eliptical machine, and I use the term *tried* VERY lightly…HAHAHAHA…You girls that work this machine, I am BOWING to you as we speak…I’M NOT WORTHY!!! That stinking thing kicked my butt in 3 MINUTES!!!!!!!! hahahaha…I felt SO stupid..there was one girl in there when I got there and she was on a treadmill facing me (right next to me) and I asked her if she had ever used one, and she hadn’t…so after I finally figured out how to get the thing going, I was doing it for about 15 seconds, and had to stop as my legs were aching…then I would start again, and have to take a quick break again to give my legs a rest…well SERIOUSLY 3 minutes later (the clock on the thing told me)….I was DONE…I couldn’t even lift my leg over the bar in the middle that goes between the pedals…and the thing is only a couple of inches high…hahaha…so, by this time, there was one other girl on another treadmill plus the one that was already there, and here I am, hanging on to the Elliptical machine for dear life so I didn’t hit the floor…I had to stand there and not move for a few MINUTES…my knees kept wanting to give out on me…so once I could finally maneuver myself around, and trying not to make eye contact with the other girls there for fear of SEEING their giggles…hahah…I got on the treadmill, did over 2 miles and then hit the weight machines…I’m SOOO weak feeling tonight it’s hilarious…I thought my legs were SO strong from all the walking I do, and feeling good about that, then the stinkin machine kicks my butt…I want to build up to doing that machine though…I WILL NOT LET IT TAKE ME!!! HAHAHAHA…

Megan had her 1 year check up today and they LAUGHED when they weighed her and measured her…she has grown 5 inches and gained 4 lbs. since her 9 month check-up…they couldn’t believe it…she is now as tall as her 2 year old cousin…hahaha…guess that’s what having a 6′3″ daddy and a 6′0″ mommy does to ya So, she is BARELY on the chart (at the very TOP) for height and in the 25th % for weight since she is so tall…hhahaha…she’s doing great…but they had a couple of things they were a bit concerned about, so we spent the day in the hospital today doing x-rays…was a LONG stressful day, and I’m SO glad that clint kept the girls and I could go work out tonight…that was an awesome stress reliever, and much needed.

So, that’s my update…sorry for the novel…

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By Lisa
On 09.23.03
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Becky Says:

How much did Megan weigh? My boys are big too (Mommy nearly 5′10" and Daddy is 6′5") At 9 months I think Jonathan weighed 25 pounds! He’s a big boy! I think you have a great plan and so what if you didn’t weigh? You definitely do NOT suck!

Nicole Says:

Hello Lisa, I am a new member to CFLW and visiting members. I have a eliptical trainer at home and even though I been working out this machine kills me after 3 minutes! I know of girls who get on there 45 minutes and longer. Simply amazing to me I hope you are doing great. I am working on my Diet Blog these days. I am now looking for somebody that knows how to make a blinkie so I can send it to my fellow losers for their "reads". Hugs, Nicole


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