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Not the best of days

eating, I mean. Today was Megan’s 1st birthday party and it was an awesome day…family, friends…what more could you ask for? How about NO cake, NO ice cream, NO sloppy joes, NO hot dogs…Yeah, I could have asked for all of that…instead, I had a day of no eating until the party, then I had one hot dog with the bun, some baked lays, and split a piece of birthday cake with my cousin, who is also doing WW, and had a 2 pt. Klondike ice cream sandwich (Low fat and sugar free)…then later had a sloppy joe sandwich…so, all in all, not GOOD food choices but definitely below points for the day…

Feeling kinda ‘blah’ about my eating lately, even though I have been sticking with my points…I haven’t had a chance to hit the fruit market lately though, so the choices I have in the house, aren’t the greatest, and I think that I really have been ‘LEARNING’ how to eat…and not having GOOD things to choose in the house, really makes me feel as though I’m failing…that, and the fact that my scale hasn’t moved much…kinda bummed about that too…

I haven’t exercised much since Friday…I know it’s only Sunday, and I need to have a couple days off a week, but I don’t like my ‘off’ days…I have become so addicted to exercising, that I feel, again, like a failure if I don’t exercise. I am looking forward to AFTER this week’s weigh in though, because my cousin (who I mentioned above splitting the cake with me) and her mom (my aunt) have both joined WW and every Tuesday after our meeting (which is held at our Community Center, and has a nice gym) we are all 3 going to stay after and work out in the gym…I’m REALLY excited because I FINALLY know now what an Eliptical machine is!!!!!! Pathetic, aye?? I have a couple of my very favorite ‘reads’ that always talk about their workouts on the Eliptical and I now know what they are talking about…this thing looks SO awesome…I cannot WAIT for this Tuesday and try it out myself I’m sure once I get on it, 5 minutes later I will be whooped, but SO WHAT?!?!? I wanna work on this thing and CONQUER it!!! It looks so simple, yet SO fun and gentle on the knees

OH…before I forget you HAVE to go and read this page…it’s hysterical (the pictures and descriptions are anyways) Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974…go read…laugh…come back…

K…how FUNNY was that?!?!? I can’t even IMAGINE eating that stuff…ROFL

Took Clint to Cleveland last night to the Palace Theatre to see ‘STOMP’…what an AMAZING show!!!! I don’t think I quit smiling the ENTIRE show!!!!! The things this group comes up with to play music on / make a song out of was completely….WOW….We went to the 5:00 p.m. show and it lasted an hour and a half, and I SERIOUSLY wanted to go and buy tickets AGAIN and stay for the 9:00 p.m. show to see it again…If you EVER get the chance to go and see this, DO!!!! You won’t regret it!!! :0

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Amy Says:

I think you’ll really like the elliptical. Especially at first, because it’s such a different motion, and it’s actually kind of fun!

Autumn Says:

Every time I get on that darn machine it kicks my butt too!! Do not worry you will do what is right for you. I am so proud of you!! I am still 35 down but nothing else since the move
Love ya!!


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