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10 Things To Remember to Help You Lose Weight

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However much fiber you think you’re getting, double it.

Ditto for green leafy vegetables.

Fat is not your enemy, junk food is. They’re not the same thing.

All carbs are not bad. But you’re probably eating way too much of the ones that are.

Bagels are not a health food.

If it has ingredients you can’t pronounce, throw it out.

Respect the fact that your metabolism is different from everyone else’s, and as unique as your fingerprint. Learn to work with it.

Try not to think in terms of “bad” and “good.” Most foods, like most people, are a mix of the two. With that balance in mind, ask yourself if this food serves your purpose and empowers you. If it doesn’t, don’t eat it.

If you can’t use all of these suggestions, use as many of them as you can. Or if you can’t do them all the time, try to do them as often as you can.

Relax, get enough sleep and don’t postpone joy.

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Becky Says:

Hey Lisa - I’ve been chatting so much on the list that I’ve neglected the blogs!! How are you doing? I hope you have a great weekend. Where’s that challenge ? I’m goingg to go find it.


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