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Sorry I haven’t been too chatty here lately…things are pretty busy getting ready for Megan’s first Birthday this Sunday. I did all my running today for decorations/plates/cups/etc. and got her cake ordered. We are doing Winnie the Pooh….it’s really sweet…so I got her gifts today, and we’re all set except for food and I will go Saturday for stuff to make.

Megan is teething again and running a fever off and on all day today…so she wasn’t much fun to shop with today…LOL…she was a trooper though

On the weight loss part…still perfect OP, and not having trouble sticking to my target points at all…I’m actually ENJOYING feeling hungry in between eating…weird…I used to HATE that grumbly feeling…now I look forward to it…that’s really helping me, and I’m learning those signs and signals from my body that I NEED food, not that I WANT food…I have really been learning alot lately on this stretch of my journey…and I’m finding that I really am learning a LIFESTYLE now and becoming accustomed to it…LOVIN’ LIFE at the moment

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By Lisa
On 09.18.03
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Candi Says:

Hi Lisa,
Sorry it’s been so long between visits..I have been so bad with that lately
I love your attitude.. a new lifestyle is what works, not dieting. Good for you!! I hope your daughter has a great birthday
Many hugs and did you get the tatoo yet???


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