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Well, good news/bad news…Didn’t gain/Didn’t lose…PERFECT maintain…I was kinda bummed at first, but then my leader explained to me that that WILL happen after a huge loss like I had last week I lost 5.6 last week…so after she talked to me about that, I was ok…I did use a few of my flex points this last week (actually in the last 2 days) because I had those ‘can’t get enough to eat’ days again…same time every month…

It’s so weird that after this weight loss, I can actually ‘read’ my body again…things really do happen on regular cycles (not meaning just my cycle either)…it’s the same feelings/hunger/energy happening the same time every month…that is SUCH an awesome feeling for me, to finally be feeling/seeing myself as ‘normal’…never thought the day would come when I would feel that way…’normal’…

At the meeting we talked about attaining our goals…Here’s what she wrote:

You may have anything you want in life provided that you…
1. Know exactly what you want.
2. Want it badly enough.
3. Confidently expect to attain it.
4. Persistently determined to obtain it.
5. Are willing to pay the price of it’s attainment.

So, basically if you have a positive, specific goal and you DO want it and you DO try, you will achieve it!! So, she passed out some 3 x 5 index cards and asked whoever wanted to participate, to write your name on the card and write a specific goal that you wanted to reach by Thanksgiving…that is 10 weeks away…So, I participated, and my goals are to lose 20 lbs. and drop 2 sizes by Thanksgiving…that would make me at 225 and in a size 16. Now, I haven’t weighed 225 since BEFORE I got married to Clint almost 11 years ago…that would be SUCH an awesome thing for me!!

So, I’m going to make a Thanksgiving Goal page on my main LessLisa page and update it each week and hit that Thanksgiving goal Should be up later tonight hopefully

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